Lindsay Lohan Channels Cleopatra As Filming Wraps On ‘Liz & Dick’


Lindsay Lohan was spotted this week on the SoCal set of the Elizabeth Taylor made for TV movie Liz & Dick all decked out regalia fit for a queen … Queen Cleopatra, that is. As you may know, Taylor famously played Cleopatra in the 1963 film of the same name and, clearly, L. Lo will portray that part of Taylor’s life in this Lifetime TV movie. Today we hear from Lindsay herself that filming has wrapped on Liz & Dick so click below to see one of the last photos we’ll see of Lohan on the film set.

Glimpses onto the set of Lifetime’s Liz & Dick biopic have shown Lindsay Lohan channeling Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty, glamour and grace with the success of a Hollywood veteran. And as filming for the movie wraps up, Lohan slips into one of Taylor’s most iconic roles – as Cleopatra from the 1963 film. In a photo snapped between takes Monday, seemingly on a cigarette break, Lohan passes for the Queen of the Nile in a choppy black wig and gold heels

I would honestly love this photo more if Lindsay wasn’t smoking that nasty cigarette but, meh, what’re ya gonna do? As for filming on Liz & Dick, well, I guess it’s a wrap:

At this point, barring any re-shoots, Lindsay Lohan has done everything she can to portray Elizabeth Taylor in this biopic film. Now the task moves to the director, editors, etc. to work their magic to ensure that the film turns out as well as possible. We won’t know until November if Liz & Dick will be any good but I have a feeling a whole lotta people (me, included) will be tuning in to find out first hand.

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  • Shannon

    They really couldn’t find any one who looks and acts better? Her name isn’t even synonymous with acting or movies anymore just trashy headlines.

  • rOXy

    This just keeps getting worse. She looks bloated and toxic like she has been on a three-day drinking binge. Either that, or she is doing an incredible job of portraying Liz when she was bloated from drugs and booze. I’m not willing to give her that much credit, though and I think she’s never going to clean up her act. Because of that, she’s never going to have that come back. Liz was Hollywood royalty for a reason. She could hold onto her star through all of the turbulence and substance abuse. I do give credit where it is due though. Lilo is brave. I could never continue to pursue reclaiming broke down stardom the way she does. She gets heckled, laughed at, and joked about in the most awful ways. Yet, she continues to get out there. Perhaps that paycheck which provides her poison is worth more to her than her dignity. I can’t respect her. She’s had too many chances and she blew them all. I hope the camera angles and lighting bring miracles cause she sure ain’t looking like the Fabulously Chic Liz in this shot.

    • Will

      “I do give credit where it is due though. Lilo is brave. I could never continue to pursue reclaiming broke down stardom the way she does.”

      I disagree. She’s not “brave”. She’s simply delusional, clueless and in denial. And that’s exactly why she gets “heckled, laughed at, and joked about”.

      In her situation, the bravest thing she could do is to accept the fact that she’s the one responsible for all her troubles, stop blaming everyone around her, and stop LYING.

      She could get great reviews doing movies and T.V., but no one will really respect her until she gets her “private life” together.
      After all that happened to her, she still insists to go “partying” late night. And that just shows how really stupid this girl is.
      Personally, I find it hard to respect her. Seeing an ex-criminal “partying” and blaming other people for her mistakes is not the way to gain any respect.

    • rOXy

      Will, I agree 100% with everything you said. She is brave in a tongue-in-cheek way, but I forget that doesn’t come across in writing. ;)

  • her face is haggard. it looks like its melting….

  • kattmow

    fuck me, how badly as she aged :\… crack = bad, bad,bad.

  • Ben@pr

    God, her face is so bloated, the costume looks cheap and all the bad press she’s been getting lately for her “homebody” behavior. Huge mess of a movie.

  • Meghan

    Oy!!!!!!!!!!! That’s all I’m going to say to that.

  • Ashley

    Ugh bloat face, why does she insist on doing coke?

  • PixiesBassline

    It almost looks like she had some injections to purposely make herself look older or bloated (specifically at the jawline).

  • Nat

    It’s like the make-up people gave her Taylors “Virginia Woolf” face-and then slapped the Cleopatra costume on her.Maybe this is a 2 fer?And her tweet is rude-as if Liz was all about ‘dick’-then again,
    Lilo is…must have been on her mind.

  • B

    Homegirl looks so bloated in the face.

  • Ashley

    she looks like a 40yr old