5 Reasons To Love Emma Stone [Ir]regardless of How ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Turns Out


One of my Hollywood faves, Emma Stone, will play alongside her true-life boyfriend Andrew Garfield in this summer’s much-anticipated film The Amazing Spider-Man (in theaters NOW!). And I use the phrase ‘much-anticipated’ broadly— because many of us anticipate epic fails in abundance while others are legitimately excited to see what Emma and Andrew (and the rest of the cast) make of the story. This role represents something very different for Emma. While we still expect to see a little Stone-sian snark in the character of Gwen Stacy we also know that she’ll be a bit more reserved and vulnerable. The bottom line is that she’ll be a blond damsel in distress, and that’s not something we’re used to seeing from Emma’s strong, outspoken characters.

Which is why I think we should be excited. The truth is Emma took on a different role in The Help and I was totally skeptical until I saw the film, which was in many ways a comedic piece because of Emma’s style. The girl who got her start in Superbad has the chops to pull off just about anything and I can’t wait to see where her career takes her—and us. Fans are never really fans of change but I rocks with Emma and I embrace whatever future changes come about in her roles, appearances, and whatever elses. She’s an artist and she’s starting to do what artists should do; just about everything. Can’t be mad at that.

Thus Team Emma (aka Shannon) presents
The Top Five Reasons To Love Emma Stone [IR]REGARDLESS of How The Amazing Spider-Man Turns Out:

1.Emma got her big break in a little gem called Superbad.  Before we had all of these funny/quirky/sexy/smart girl leads, there was Jules:


And PITNBrs ausettofegypt and BradywantsMoore were quick to remind me (thanks guys!) that after Jules, Emma continued delivering the funny/quirky/sexy/smart girl as Olive in Easy A.


2. ASOS is one of my favorite places ever, as many of you know. It’s hard to explain. Just go here (later!) and click dresses; live there for a while. Anyway, it was just brought to my attention (by JustJared) that Emma posed for ASOS Magazine a while back. Don’t know how I missed this but Emma + ASOS = Shannon gets a Toofer (i.e. 30 Rock)


3. Her real name is Emily Jean. She’s from Arizona. And she’s BFFs with Taylor Swift. Those three facts count as one reason to join Team Emma because they all fall under the category of “friggen adorable.”

4. The Look: She’s a natural blonde and she’s always had someone on her glam squad who knows to work the ish out of her makeup.


5. Uhhh, seen the Gangster Squad trailer lately?



  • ClaireMichelle

    Shannon, you do not need to convince me to stick with Team Emma. She would have to do something pretty horrible for me to abandon ship on her. I can’t help but love her! And her relationship with Andrew is by far one of the cutest celeb ones out there!

    • ClaireMichelle, glad to have you on board Team Emma! Thanks for commenting :)

  • Andi

    I love all the attention that these positive female role models are getting lately, way to go guys and gals at PITNB! It is so refreshing to read about young ladies in Hollywood who aren’t stick thin, but are fit and healthy, who aren’t in the midst of a very public meltdown and who haven’t sent most of their money up their nose (*ahem* Lindsay Lohan). Love Emma Stone’s movies and I think she’s a great role model for the young girls that pour over all the Teen Vogue, CosmoGirl, and/or their mom’s Cosmo or Vogue or whatever other magazines of the like are out there these days :) (I don’t buy them anymore because PITNB has all the good stories in one place for free, haha)

    • Andi, so glad you’re enjoying the posts! Thanks for making PITNB the new Vogue, lol :)

  • rovheel

    The first time I laid my eyes on her on Superbad & Zombielnad, I fell in love with her (not that “Jim Carrey” kind-of-way). I’m Team Emma all the way. Then Easy A came, and became like one of my favorite movies of all time.

    • rovheel, thanks for commenting. She’s pretty darn lovable, right?

  • nikka

    Dear Shannon,

    I think we might be the same person.



    • nikka! Lol, that’s entirely possible <3 <3 <3

  • ausettofegypt

    Your forgetting Easy A and Zombieland. Emma in these movies kicked ass. I too love miss stone. She is so funny and I love the fact that there is not drama about her on every magazine or web page, and that she is not an attention whore. Keep making me laugh Emma. Btw- superbad also gave me Jonah Hill. I love Jonah Hill. Did I mention that I love Jonah Hill.

    • @ausetteofegypt — YES, Easy A is truly one of her best films.

    • ausettofegypt, Jonah Hill post forthcoming in your honor, lol. Thanks for commenting. I’ve given Easy A it’s proper due in the edited post.

  • JillieBean430

    I actually have not seen the Gangster Squad trailer and it was amazing! And Easy A is one of my favorite movies. I quote it all the time and I get mad when people don’t get it! LOL!

  • JillieBean430

    Shannon – I have already fallen in love with your writing style. It is so witty and smart. But the title of this post made me smile and fall in love with it even more! :-)

    • @JillieBean430 — Isn’t Shannon the best? We are all so lucky to have her <3

    • JillieBean430, I do it all just see your amazing little icon up here, lol!
      Trent, you’re making me blush.

  • BradywantsMoore

    Shannon, my love, how could you leave out Emma’s beautiful heart wrenching and Effing HILARIOUS rendition of Pocketful of Sunshine??!! The most hilariously epic thing I’ve seen in years! It kills me every time!

    • Ben@pr

      I loved Easy A and that was my favorite scene. I think a great and remarkable actor is one that can play a wide range of characters (Meryl Streep anyone?) and not only herself like most of Hollywood actors. Good for Emma because besides been talented, funny, sexy, fashionable, not an attention whore, not having public meltdowns, not been into rehab and having Andrew Garfield as boyfriend she’s also expanding her characters and roles in movies.

    • Ben@pr, I agree. It’s going to be so fun watching her really, really take off. Thanks for commenting :)

    • BradyWantsMoore, see the new video in the post :)

  • Debho

    I love her! Easy A is one of my favourite flicks, makes me laugh every single time.

  • mc_swifty

    I love how Emma went all out presenting at the Oscars.

  • miss x

    I didn’t know her real name is Emily!

    I love her she’s just completely unpretentious and ain’t afraid to laugh at herself. She looks so pretty in Spiderman. I know her eyes are huge but I didn’t realize they are SO huge until Spiderman! Going blonde makes her eyes POP!

  • Yadira

    She was great on crazy stupid love, i adore her!

  • Joe

    I loved the scene after the funeral, when she went to Peter’s place, her eyes were so beautiful and full of emotion.

  • Jake Kelly

    I agree with all of the above. And she did pretty well in Spider-Man. :)