Watch: Willow Smith’s ‘I Am Me’ Video Is Simple, Sweet, And Moving


I never thought I’d find a reason to write about Willow Smith, but here we are. While I loved the idea of 2010’s Whip My Hair (the idea being that little girls should probably only sing songs like that), I wasn’t downloading the song onto my anything and I don’t know any of the words… other than the obvious lyrics. Uh I whip my hair back and forth… I’ll have to look up the others on DirectLyrics when I get a sec. But I Am Me is different. I’m tempted to call it adorable, but that’s not fair. The lyrics are powerful–and it doesn’t technically matter that they were written by a young girl– and the voice is beautiful. Naturally, she’s still getting some viral hate, but not from me. Listening sesh going down inside!

Willow Smith: I Am Me

We’re all entitled to our opinions and everything… but some of the reactions I’ve read to this song are a bit silly. People seem mad to hear a little girl of ‘privilege’ singing about the desire to be free, and I think that’s unfair. Just because her parents are Will and Jada Smith that doesn’t make her free of all of the worlds many isms and it clearly doesn’t make her free of judgement. I wonder if people would have slammed this song (that I find to be kind of beautiful) if it had been sung by a little girl on American Idol or The Voice or any of those shows. I mean, if any other little girl– who didn’t come from money– sang this, would the reactions be the same? I’m speaking of some of the comments I’m seeing on blogs like HuffPost and E! Online, where people are just slamming her! For what? She’s 11 and she’s singing a nice song! Who cares if she’s got privilege? I mean, in another conversation I would care because class is a huge issue, but not in this conversation. Not in a conversation about the I Am Me video.

And I get that it’s annoying to see a kid whose parents clearly have money dressed like a kid whose parents maybe don’t have that much money. Lol, but I went to SLC. So I know lots of kids whose parents have money and 75% of them shop at thrift stores. I’m over it.

Still. Everyone is entitled to their opinions so of course I’m waiting to hear all of yours! Do you love this song and suddenly want to go listen to Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful, or are you a little put off by little Ms. Willow Smith getting all love-preachy and deep?

Sidenote: Will she ever not look like her papa? Oh my god, she is Will Smith! Love it.

Side side note: “I hope you like this song,” followed by “Yolo,” is how everyone should end every music video. IMO.


  • rOXy

    I love Willow and this song. Her old soul outshines her youth and I forget that I am watching an 11? year old. The message of this song is perfect. <3

  • Isabelle

    I think it’s simple, and beautiful. (I didn’t like her previous material).
    As for the hateful comments on other sites, well, the song is the proper answer to those, isn’t it ?

  • Megsterg

    Wow, I’m impressed. She sings so beautiful, and I love the song. It’s got the perfect message and in a different way than it’s been presented by other artists. Just wow. And I have no idea why anyone would being her class into this debate, it has nothing to do with the song. Just because your parents are rich doesn’t mean you want to wear designer brands.

  • BradywantsMoore

    Idk what these haters are talking about. She’s not talking about her desire to b free she’s talking about the Ability to be free. To be able to be yourself in everyway and being free to do that. I just read something about her being horrified about the whole human trafficking thing and maybe this is her way of celebrating the fact that she and all of us are free.

  • Jennifer

    I absolutely love this girl. Look at how she defies all the gender norms and the strength she has? Maybe the way she transcends normality and gender roles makes people uncomfortable?

  • nicole

    you would never know this was a 11yr old girl. shes just crazy talented. if her voice is like this at 11..i cant just imagine what it will be like at 21. holy.

    side note – you can totally tell shes Will’s little girl. some of those facial expressions…lol

  • Julie

    I loved it :)

  • She TOTALLY looks like her Dad! Like where her music is going.

  • JCZ

    I just dislike the quite obvious lip synching in the video. It would have been hard, it appears it was just randomly shot in various parts of the city and they probably didn’t have a proper back up track in the background for her to lip-synch to.

    But i’m quite impressed with her voice though. But wow, is that Will Smith’s daughter or what!

  • Rebecca

    Not a fan really. Don’t mind her necessarily but I find the song a bit grating.

  • Sarah

    WOW – beautiful song, sung by a beautifully talented young girl! Why would anybody hate/diss the important message she is trying to share about being true to yourself?!?

  • Asty

    I think it’s a cute song, it’s age appropriate and sends a good message to her fellow pre-teen fans. The only thing that bugs me is that they auto-tuned it, her voice would be nicer without modification.

  • Syslak

    Sorry, I think it was overly auto-tuned. Maybe if we actually could hear her real voice, I would find it more endearing.

    • Syslak

      Man, I wish I had said something clever about the irony of “I am me” being auto-tuned…

  • Firegalz

    im seeing a Will Smith’s MINI ME!! OMG she’s a carbon copy of will! i love , love, LOVE her voice! i think she’s very talented and independent. I’m excited to see her grow and how her voice gets stronger , she’s gonna be quite a singer and performer!

  • Xadax

    Sia Furler… look it up

  • rovheel

    I hope this song illuminates all the negativity from bigots, racists and haters around the globe. A wonderful yet powerful song written/sing by an innocent & talented kid, c’mon give her a credit. She deserves more. Thank you Willow!

  • testing

    “The lyrics are powerful–and it doesn’t technically matter that they were written by a young girl– and the voice is beautiful.”


    I’m sorry do you seriously think that A) She wrote this the song or B) Her voice isn’t auto-tuned to high hell?

    I don’t have insta-hate for the girl or anything, it isn’t her fault she was born into a family of rich, powerful, fame-hungry Scientologists but it doesn’t mean I’m going to pretend she has anything resembling artistic credibility whatsoever.

  • Ashley

    Pretty song, but wow she looks JUST like Will in the close up side shots

  • Heather

    The words are nice, if a bit cliche’d… they’re still better than Gaga’s “Born This Way”. The song itself is not really GREAT. It’s good for an 11yo, but that doesn’t mean it holds up when compared against really GOOD pop music.

    And yeah, it’s heavily auto-tuned in spots, and horribly lip-synced in spots, and is she even TRYING to pretend she’s playing the keyboard?

    Is she hella talented? Sure. But where the annoyance at the ‘privilege’ comes in, would be regarding the thousands of equally (if not more) talented kids that have to start from the bottom and work their way up. She’s starting from ‘up’ and the perception is that less talent is needed when starting there. Or in another POV… she’s talented, she’s got an audience whenever she wants one… so why not wait until she’s TRULY ready for the music biz before launching her career, instead of starting with these ok-but-really-not-GREAT pop songs and videos? Why the rush?

    I personally know many 10-13-year-olds just in my town who could do just as well as this — in terms of songwriting and vocal ability. She’s not THAT much more talented than they are, from what I can see.

    I’m not going to denigrate her spirit, or her awesome coolness, that much is plainly evident. I just call a spade a spade … she’s talented, but she’s a TYPICAL 11YO TALENT and not more deserving of fame than so many other kids who would do BETTER songs if they had the privilege she does.

    All that being said, I hope she does well for herself. Don’t get me wrong, I do like her. I just see this as very musically immature stuff and wish they’d waited until she was older.

  • Juici

    I personally love the song as well as the video! It is so inspirational for young children in this day and time. I am a mother of a 10 year old little girl and would be honored to hear her listen to such encouraging words coming from a young girl at her age! As for all the People who critic her on a day to day basis about her hair, the way she dress and etc. I think that it is down right mean to talk about a young child the way they do. Obviously she is extremely wealthy and can dress in any thing she want if she desired but I’m sure people would critic that as well so who cares! God job Jada and Will on raising 2 incredible kids!