‘Vogue’ Shares Vintage And Contemporary Photos Of Women On The Move


Honestly? I didn’t even know there was a Vogue in the 1800s. But apparently there was, and I now have the photos to prove it. In celebration of July 4th– and all the hustle and bustle that comes with it– Vogue has shared a collection of photos from the archives depicting women among planes, trains, and automobiles. If you’re not getting away this Independence Day, Vogue invites you to live vicariously through these women. Models are usually good for that :) Gorgeous women and gorgeous photos inside!

It doesn’t get any flyer than this. My favorite is the July, 1958 shot and the final pic on the second page (which features the contemporary photos). There’s also a very strange pic on page two that is begging to be deconstructed, if anyone has the time, lol. You’ll know it when you see it.

Anyway, I sooo needed this faux getaway and I hope you guys feel like you’re on a mini vaca too! Enjoy :)

“From the Archives: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles in Vogue

November 1894

August, 1940

July, 1958

May, 1964

April, 1973

October, 1979

Check out Vogue’s gorgeous, contemporary photos on the next page.


  • Janaegal

    I love these!

    The one on page 2, the lady in the gorg white suit kissing the man on the train? I just instagrammed that this weekend and am going to get a print made.

    • Janaegal, so glad you liked! Enjoy the print :)