Teenage Photographers Create Stunning Self-Portraits


Now here’s some proof that teenagers can change the [art] world too! Sixteen year-old Cristina Otero and eighteen year-old Alex Stoddard are two young artist whose self-portraits kind of just changed my life. In separate instances but on the same day, I was lucky enough to stumble across photography by both of them and I cannot wait to hear what you guys think. Some of the coolest pictures ever, inside.

Cristina Otero (inspired at a young age by the make-up and styles on America’s Next Top Model) was eating a kiwi one day and decided to take a picture. Thus began a fanciful self-portrait project titled, Tutti Frutti:

Read more about Cristina’s work here.

Alex Stoddard began a photography project without even knowing how to take a picture out of “auto” mode. After some serious dedication he began posting photos on Flickr and became a bit of a sensation. Here are some of the photos people are falling in love with:


Read more about Alex’s work here.

Anybody else loving these? Even more than the artwork itself, I love to see young, creative people doing cool things. And if nothing else, these are some pretty cool things.

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  • Kat

    I absolutely love these pictures!!! Cristina’s lemon shot and Alex’s boat shot are my fave.

    • Kat, great picks! I must need a drink– I saw lemon shot and thought, ‘That sounds like an amazing alcoholic beverage.’ Ahhh, Monday :)

  • Heather

    Wow. Awesome. Seriously inspiring…thanks for posting!

    • Heather, so glad you enjoyed. Are you an artist?

  • Krissy

    Love them!

    • Krissy, thanks for commenting! Glad you loved!

  • Shannon

    I was really trying to love this girl but EHH…

    • Lol, Shannon thanks for commenting. It’s not everyone’s cup ‘a tea… or bowl a’ fruit :)

  • rOXy

    Pure artistry on so many levels. True talent! Thanks for spotting these and then sharing.

    • rOXy, glad you liked! Thanks for commenting :)

    • rOXy

      LOL Shannon, don’t encourage me or you’ll be bombarded. I always have something to say. :)

    • rOXy I will ALWAYS encourage you to bombard me, lol! You know I love a good convo in the comments section :)

  • nicole

    so that girl has some crazy beautiful eyes. – and her pictures are cute!

    • nicole, you’re so right about her eyes! I was kinda distracted by everything else and I almost missed them. Thanks for commenting.

  • perdiz

    Cristina is on Deviant, I have loved her photos for a long time now. So beautiful.

  • azuresque

    Thanks for sharing! So inspiring!

  • JCZ

    The cloud one is superb.

    I do like extravagant sets, so Cristina’s are nice. They’re very Katy Perry and could’ve just been from an album sleeve or photoshoot.

  • Ben@pr

    Very creative teens. Thanks for the post Shannon.

    • Ben@pr, you’re always welcome! Glad you enjoyed.

  • mimi

    there is a gorgeous aussie photographer called nirrimi who is really talented. she’s been photographing for major fashion labels and campaigns since she was only 17 years old, and has an really mature and thoughtful perspective.

    it’s always great to see young talents working hard and being creative. im liking those Alex stoddard photos!

  • JJ

    Hi Shannon,

    Thought you might like this website as you posted about young artists. A college student is making 1000 paper cranes and handwriting quotes from novels on them then giving them out to people around the world. She asks that people take a photo of the crane and upload it to the blog! Fun!


    • JJ, that sounds awesome! Will def check it out. Thanks!

  • PixiesBassline

    These pics are awesome! I LOVE them! I covet their artistic abilities!

  • I saw these on her deviantart about a year ago, absolutely stunning and refreshing works. Thanks for the word out, Shannon!

    • You’re welcome Hege! So glad you enjoyed :)