Listen: A Five-Year Old Hilariously Explains Why She Cut Off Her Sister’s Hair


After seeing the Ted NSFW featurette, I never thought I’d say this but… the recording which you are about to experience may be the funniest thing you have heard in weeks. Sorry Ted. Unless of course you have kids, in which case this may seem like standard fare. A writer for NPR recently interviewed his two daughters– one five and the other three– in an attempt to figure out precisely why the five-year-old had given the three-year-old the kind of haircut that makes a mother break down and cry. The little girls are too adorable for words and insanely precocious. Listen to the sweetest That-Ish-Cray Of The Day inside.

Interview: Sadie Gives Eva A Hair Cut And Together They Share The Sisterly Experience Of A Lifetime

I guarantee that if you actually attempt to transcribe any portion of this interview, the experience will be much-enhanced. I’m not one to listen to or watch every single cute baby viral video out there, but I am soooo glad I decided to click on this one. What a happy Monday we are all totally gonna have now…

Um yeah, I’m still not over it. How friggen cute was this?!?! Feel free to share similar hilarities of your own or of your children’s in the comments. All my best stories involve Jonovan’s somewhat excessive use of the word penis (silly me, I thought I’d be the ‘smart’ Mommy who teaches my child the real, adult words… not always a good thing), and I wouldn’t want to embarrass our family so I’ll keep those to myself. LMAO.

Happy Monday PITNBrs!




  • Sarah

    “this kinda stuff happens more than once, twice in a life, no once…twice…” in other words, Imma do it again, dad! hahaha hilarious!

    • Sarah, LMAO. Yes, one of my fave parts!

  • sarahliciousisdelicious

    When I was 4-5yrs old I asked my younger brother who was 2-3yrs old if he wanted to play barber shop under the pretense that if he let me cut his hair, he could cut mine. Long story short, he got a horrible haircut and I didn’t. :)

    This audio clip is totally adorable and cute.

    • sarahliciousdelicious, so you got busy with the scissors too? Lol, these poor parents out here! I love it!

  • debra

    This is so precious.. I’m laughing and crying at the same time.

  • KiTX

    My 4 yr old niece is currently sporting a sweet sticky-up cowlick about 2 inches long right on her crown thanks to her 2 yr old sister. The funniest part was that her father had her explain to everyone why it was cut that way: “Because I told Audrey (sister) that she was my hairdresser and I needed a new hairstyle so she had to cut it.” Hey, when a big sister gives orders…

  • jenn

    she didn’t want her sisters hair to get in the toilet when she wipes her butt. totally makes sense.

    it seems like cutting off your own hair or your siblings is a rite of passage in childhood.

  • Jennie

    Too cute! When my sister and I were young (I was about 2, she was 4), we gave ourselves “makeovers” right before we were to have professional portraits taken. I cut my bangs all the way up to my hairline, and she drew all over her own face with markers. We still had the portraits taken though! My hair looks stupid, and you can see a very faint trace of the marker on her face. LOL!

  • Tracy

    Dang! I guess I’m the only one that can’t seem to get this to play. Owwww Man!

  • PixiesBassline

    “Hair cutting takes like, a lot of concentration.” LOL