Kelis Supports Nas’s Album Cover Which Seemingly Disses His Ex-Wife, Kelis


We got to hear some sweet new music from Kelis yesterday and I’m thrilled that she’s got an album in the works. Her ex-husband, rapper extraordinaire Nas, has also been busy creating new music and his album (Life Is Good) is dropping later this month. But when Nas shared his album cover with the world, a lot of eyebrows were raised. As you can see, he’s holding a green dress… that’s not just any green dress. That is Kelis’s wedding dress, and the only thing she left behind when she moved out of their home (after learning of Nas’s infidelities). So how does she feel about him posing with it on his cover, above the words “Life Is Good“? Listen to Kelis herself in an interview with the UK’s NME.

Kelis, on Nas’s Album Cover

I love to see Kelis doing anything, and I especially love to see her taking the high road here. She seems to have a laid-back vibe about everything in this interview and I hope that’s a sign of peaceful times for her, Nas and baby Knight.

What do you guys think of Nas’s artistic choice? Artsy honesty, low blow, or a sign of his inability to move on from the amazingness that is Kelis and he should have thought of all that before he started cheating? You can probably guess my pick, lol :)

Check out new music from Kelis here and watch a strange Swedish girl reinvent Kelis’s 2006 single (and my former anthem) Bossy here.


  • KattB

    Definitely picking “inability to move on from the amazingness that is Kelis…” I mean, is there another option? Didn’t think so :) she’s above pettiness and the fact she can understand honesty (or whatever rocks Nas’ boat) as an artist? love her.

  • Yadira

    Woow she was very classy about it

  • StrongAsSteel

    love Kelis, L.O.V.E., but all i can say about this look is: Five Star LIVES! :D