James Franco Will Write For ‘Playboy’


James Franco has more jobs than a freelance writer. The actor/blogger/author/director/performance artist/grad student will soon add ‘Playboy columnist’ to his fairly impressive resumé. And I say ‘fairly’ because, I mean, it’s not like he’s doing everything. Just, like 99% of everything. And then some. Get deets on his new gig inside.

My beloved Paste Magazine has the gist of it all:

There are people who work odd jobs, and then there’s James Franco, who works a bunch of enviously cool (but actually odd) jobs. His latest resumé entry is monthly Playboy columnist, which will, in an uninspiring turn of events, be named “Francofile.”

The column will run for the first time in the July/August issue and will feature a Q&A with performance artist Marina Abramovic.

Franco is currently gearing up for the film Spring Breakers with Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, for which Skrillex is providing the bass-dropping soundtrack.

I wonder if any of this has been inspired by the film Lovelace, which just wrapped. We’ve seen the pics of Franco playing Hugh Hefner; maybe he’s been bitten by the Playboy bug, lol.

And I just love that he’s interviewing Marina Abramovic! The New York Times Magazine recently published a piece on her– she had the biggest exhibit ever at New York’s Museum Of Modern Art (aka the MoMa). It was called “The Artist is Present,” and it was “a 736-hour and 30-minute static, silent piece, in which she sat immobile in the museum’s atrium, while spectators were invited to take turns sitting opposite her.” Thank you Wikipedia. I really didn’t want to say she just sat there wicked long.

Ok, who’s up for reading some Francofile this summer? I’m down!


  • I’m sure it’s going to be smart, witty, and damn funny. I love James Franco. I just wish he was writing for a magazine with clothed ladies in it so I would want to buy it.

  • mimi

    i just wonder how her functions to get everything done. sleep obviously doesn’t factor into his life much!