Watch: Video Surfaces Of Channing Tatum Stripping In His Pre-‘Magic Mike’ Days


This weekend, hordes of women and gay men are flocking to movie theaters to see Channing Tatum and others star in the male stripper film Magic Mike, which is based on Tatum’s former career as a male exotic dancer. Video of Tatum performing during his stipper days has made its way to the Internets for our viewing pleasure. Sure, you can see Channing act like a stripper in Magic Mike … but if you click below, you can see him being a stripper for real back in the day.

In case you hadn’t heard: Channing Tatum was once a stripper. Yes, the tales told in his new film, Magic Mike, are steeped in fact, and based on his own life: In the late 90’s, Tatum dropped out of college and worked as an exotic dancer in male revues in Florida, performing under the name Chan Crawford. From there, he went on to become a music video dancer, and ultimately, a leading man in Hollywood. And he isn’t afraid of his stripper past, either; otherwise, he wouldn’t be starring in a movie based on it (or denying that he stole moves and stories from fellow dancers). Still, admitting it and showing it are two entirely different things, and while there were no camera phones or easy-to-upload sites like YouTube at the time, some precious footage of Tatum (nee Crawford) working it in his most immodest costumes has cleared the technological divide and made its way up onto the web. Good luck throwing dollar bills at your monitor.

LOL!!! If you’ve seen Magic Mike then the video above should seem familiar. It’s one thing to see Channing perform in a professional, highly produced film but it’s quite another to see him shaking his groove thang for real as a young struggling stripper. This video, which has been making the rounds for a few weeks now, is just … brilliant. Enjoy!


  • nicole

    you gotta love that he messes up the simplest dance ever lol.
    but seriously, that boy can dance for me any day.