Watch: ‘The Sessions’ Releases A Trailer Full Of Sexual And Spiritual Innuendo


Based on this trailer, and the critical reception of The Sessions (formerly titled Six Sessions) at the SundanceĀ Film Festival, there is some serious Oscar buzz for John Hawkes. And I’m buzzing too, because he is crazy, scary good. After last year’s Martha Marcy May Marlene and 2005’s Me And You And Everyone We Know (one of my absolute faves), I leap at the name ‘John Hawkes.’ He was also nominated for an Oscar for his role in Winter’s Bone, where he starred alongside The Hunger Games’s Jennifer Lawrence. This time around he’s playing a severely disabled young man with polio who would like to lose his virginity. He goes to his priest (William H. Macy) for help and you may or may not have the greatest loss-of-virginity story ever told. Sorry American Pie/Superbad/teen movies the world over. It’s time for an Indie film to show you how it’s done.

The Sessions: First Trailer

And the best part? It’s based on a totally true story. Hawkes plays the real-life Mark O’Brien, a former California-based journalist whose autobiographical writings told this remarkable story about his experiences with a sexual surrogate. O’Brien was born in Boston and was just a boy when he contracted polio and was forced to use the iron lung, which encases most of a person’s body and enables them to breathe. He passed away in 1999, but was the subject of a major Oscar-nominated documentary (Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O’Brien), and now is the inspiration for this movie, which comes out on October 26th.

I thought this trailer was absolutely hilarious. The cast is solid and the story is amazing.

Anybody else looking forward to seeing Helen Hunt, the sexual surrogate life/game-changer?