Watch: ‘Modern Family’ Actress Ariel Winter Does A ‘Dora The Explorer’ Fake Movie Trailer


Maybe I’m having a Mommy moment, but I thought that this was seriously funny. College Humor has just released this ridiculous faux movie trailer with Ariel Winter of Modern Family. She stars as Dora The Explorer in an action-packed, cinematic extravaganza that involves breaking skulls “and language barriers.” Now, I thought it was going to be hella cheesy, but not so. Rather, hella funny. And again, if I’m the only one laughing at this, I’ll blame it on my own special affinity for all things Dora. But no, no. I think it’s legitimately funny. Help me figure this out inside.

Dora The Explorer “Movie” Trailer

Ok, be honest. Was it just me? There’s no way it was just me. C’mon! That interrogation scene with The Map was classic! Judge me if you will, but this one’s going viral for a reason :)

  • NickyMills

    Hysterical… although, there should have been an inappropriate Spanish lesson about Diego…

    And, the ‘Do you see swiper’ comment. Brills!

  • Lily

    Maybe it’s just my dirty mind but that still so looks like it came from some sort of f*cked up porno.

  • Lulu


  • Layla

    Hilarious! Ugh…just came back last night from a 10 hour road trip with my kids and Dora on constant rotation…