Oreo’s Pride Cookie Gets Major Hate From ‘One Million Moms’


Well, Trent called it when he first shared the news of the rainbow-colored cookie with us last week, and now the official hateration has arrived. The organization One Million Moms has started a boycott against Oreo/Kraft Foods. The other current issues that appear on their website are TV Land’s Soul Man (starring Cedric The Entertainer), because it “blasphemes Christ,” and they recently attempted a boycott of JCPenny on Father’s Day, as the company had an ad that featured a gay couple. Just so you know who we’re dealing with here. That-Ish-Cray (but not especially shocking) Of The Day deets inside.

Here’s the report from the HuffPost. It’s kind of laughable. Except for the part where these women are completely serious:

In what can only be described as the week’s least surprising news, the conservative anti-gay group behind this spring’s scrapped JCPenney boycott is now targeting Oreos for the cookie brand’s controversial endorsement of Pride month.

In a post titled “Oreo — No Longer Favorite Cookie,” members of One Million Moms are condemning a now-iconic image which showed the cookie filled with rainbow-colored creme. The image, which was praised by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights advocates, was unveiled last weekend on Oreo’s official Facebook page and quickly went viral on a number of social media platforms after its release.

“The cookie maker is quick to point out that the picture is simply an ad, and doesn’t depict a true product,” the group notes on its website. “But it announced to American consumers where it stands on the controversial ‘gay’ marriage issue nonetheless. Homosexuals are weighing in, hoping Oreo makes the fake cookie real.”

“There are plenty of cookies on the market for moms to buy for their families that do not support liberal causes,” the group’s rant continues. “We have a choice. Kraft’s brands include Oreo, Cadbury, Maxwell House, and Nabisco.”

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So there’s that. I’m always confused by these kind of movements. The homepage to their website asks, in huge lettering, “MOM, are you fed up with the TRASH in today’s media?” Well, I’m a Mom and no. Because the media is not raising my kids, nor are Oreo cookies, nor Cadbury, Maxwell House, or Nabisco. At least I don’t think they’re raising my kids. And I’m pretty sure that a cookie (or an image of a cookie) that seeks to promote love, lurve, and equality would make an okay parent. If cookies could be parents.

These Moms make nutty Moms like me look bad. Or really good. Thanks for that One Million Moms (who also urge you to write Mattel because they may be in talks to make a Kardashian doll, which in fact might be a horrific idea, but still shouldn’t be that big of a deal if you– rather than the Kardashians– are raising your children).


  • Court

    Just the fact that she’s standing there with a broom kills me…..does she also cook barefoot in the kitchen?

    As a mom of an almost 4 yr old son. I get wanting to protect your child. But what they choose to go after makes no sense. If Elmo was flashing the screen during an episode of Sesame Street or if Dora was teaching kids cuss words in Spanish I would understand…. lol

  • Kristen

    Your posts are quickly becoming my favorite.
    What would happen if grocery stores all started supporting gay rights? would they boycott eating too?
    What I fear is soon their children will suffer through their agenda. I doubt they care much for JC Penny, but most kids really love Oreos. Now they are not allowed to have them? I know their goal is to protect the children but I really don’t think its their best interest they have in mind–just their own bigotry.

  • Hannah

    I never understand what their point is because they always seem to make the ads they hate more forefront in society.

    For instance that Oreo cookie, if they hadn’t complained it would not have had the attention it did. I saw it only in the articles talking about a boycott and like most people I know I thought, wow that’s cool, now I want to go eat an oreo.

    I also agree with you, parent your own children and stop worrying about so much.

  • Kat

    I would think with a name like One Million Moms they would be fighting a different fight. Better schooling for all children, better health care for underprivileged kids and so forth. Not this!

    • emily

      @Kat – brilliant.

  • Kiki

    In my line of work, Kraft is one of my company’s biggest clients. Because of this, I know that they’ve left off a few other brands that they own… but let’s not tell them :)

  • Adrian

    Does anyone think One Million Moms is going to start to sing and dance to “Hit me with your best shot” (Rock of Ages reference)

  • I thought it was going to be something like that is their symbol for better education when i read the title. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s actually about something stupid. I completely agree with what you said too. Oreos don’t raise my son. Though I did give him 2 mini ones before breakfast because he was whining and I was trying to cook. Lol

  • rOXy

    Just another storefront hate group which has been set up to spew for dollars. PETA is much the same. This group reminds me of Westboro. OneMillionMoms would do better to focus on things that can really make a difference for kids like: providing school supplies to kids whose parents can’t afford them; making sure school lunches are nutritional; no child left behind; no child left alone; etc. Propagation of prejudice and repression is wrong. By the time today’s kids grow into adults, I imagine a big bite will have been taken out of hate (because it’s wrong), and groups such as this just won’t be able to swim against the tide of general public opinion.

  • Janaegal

    I find it humorous that they are posting their debate to facebook(a company that is a strong partner to marriage equality), possibly on their Macs/iPads(Apple being another strong ally to the cause), while eating and drinking NUMEROUS products that support marriage equality.

    Give. It. Up.

  • shannymonster

    I think I’m gonna go BUY some Oreo’s!

  • gabe

    LOL how ridiculous. I work for WhiteWave Foods (Silk, International Delight) and an ad for Silk recently aired during Sister Wives or whatever on TLC and we were BOMBARDED with idiotic emails from these women. They were quite the read!

  • Carl

    I sadly have relatives who agree with this group of women and boycott what they boycott….sure will miss all the treats I used to enjoy when I’d visit them.

  • Looks like Chick-Fil-A joined the bandwagon.

  • http://www.buzzfeed.com/huntleyw/chick-fil-a-shows-its-pride-1zob
    Looks like Chick-Fil-A joined the bandwagon.