Listen: Alicia Keys Releases A Single Titled ‘New Day’


Alicia Keys recently promised fans in a YouTube message that she would have some new music for them and sure enough– here it is! New Day is the first track from the next album, Alicia’s first since 2009’s The Element of Freedom. It’s also her first record since becoming wife to Swizz Beatz and mother to baby Egypt. According to Alicia, the album has been 8 months in-the-making and it’s almost complete. I think we can expect very good things. It is Alicia Keys. Listening session popping off inside!

Alicia Keys: New Day

Ok, that was fun. Although I’m not exactly losing my mind over the song. The lyrics are a little too sugary sweet for me, lol:
Party people say, Party people say/Ay, it’s a new day, it’s a new day
While they getting ready, everybody ready, yeah/For a new day, for a new day
Celebrate and say, ay, ay, ay, ay

Ok, that’s niiice. But that’s a lot of ay’s according to DirectLyric’s account of New Day. But ok, it’s Alicia. She’s better than me at a lot of things, so I’ll assume she knows what she’s doing. Now what I will say is that (should this become a single), I can imagine a pretty sweet video for this one.

Here’s the message Alicia Keys put out to her fans.

Alicia fans, are you ready?!

And um… jus gonna throw this out there… don’t be mad at me… but didn’t she sound a wee bit self-righteous in that message? Lol, who really talks about how intelligent they’ve become? Ok, like I said. She’s better than me at music and she’s a genius and all that so she can sound self-righteous if she wants. I guess :)

Ok, here’s a throwback! Fun fact: My bff Reenie used to braid my hair like this in high school, lmao:


  • rOXy

    Meh. Kinda gave me a headache.

  • woodroad34

    I was under the impression Alicia Keys was anti-gay. I used to like her when she was a jazz pianist and lost interest when she became mainstream. I’ve listened to her music at various points and I’m not all that impressed, especially after her comments about gays.

  • Dana

    Womanizer,Womanizer,Womanizer,Womanizer.That was to much for me.

  • nicole

    a part of me feels like AKeys has kinda lost her touch. she use to have this soulful sound that set her apart from everyone else, but now..not so much. i know she still has the odd soulful song on her album..but i miss the “songs in A minor’ alicia.

  • Adrienne

    What happened to the Alicia Keys that I used to love? I don’t like this song and wasn’t impressed with her last album either. Oh well, maybe I’m just too damned old.

  • Dot

    This song is definitely below her abilities. I’m disappointed.