First Listen: Kelis Drops A New Song Titled ‘Distance’


Electro/R&B chanteuse Kelis has released a new song this weekend for our listening pleasure, her first new track since the release of her most recent album Flesh Tone. This new track is titled Distance and it was produced by Skream (from Magnetic Man). I understand Distance will be included on Kelis’s as-yet-untitled/un-announced new album. Click below to hear this new track in full and get a taste of what’s to come from Kelis.

Kelis has premiered her new track ‘Distance’ via a youth-led London radio station. The ‘Milkshake’ singer’s new song, which has been produced by Magnetic Man’s Skream, was unveiled on DJ Nikki Beatnik’s Reprezent Radio show last night (June 30). The track is from her forthcoming, yet-untitled sixth album. The new record is the follow-up to 2010’s ‘Flesh Tone’ and is likely to include further collaborations with Skream. On working with the dubstep producer, Kelis recently told NME: ” I was working with a friend of mine and she said ‘Skream’s got this great track for you, can I get him to send it?’. So I said yes and then he sent that track and something else. I’ve been on a real 1990s vibe with this record, it’s kind of trip-hoppish. So I wrote a track to that.” Kelis spoke to NME at this year’s Isle Of Wight Festival … and opened up about her progress in writing her new album, which she says is “midway through”. Asked about this, she said: “It depends what day you ask me, some days I’m like ‘It’s 80% done’ and other days when I say ‘I’m 40% done’. I’m sort of midway I guess. It’s exciting though, it’s more electro, it’s a little deeper and darker.”

Yes!! I am really excited by the thought of new Kelis music. I am a BIG fan of Flesh Tone and I’m really hoping for a return to the electro-sound of that album. I normally bristle whenever the word “dub step” is mentioned but, as far as I can tell from this song, Skream and Kelis make a pretty good team. I honestly believe that Kelis makes some of the most interesting new music these days. She has not only embraced electronic music but she has made it her own. I am impressed by this new song and I’m very curious to hear more. What do you think?


  • “trip-hoppish”!!! Me likey.

  • rOXy

    Love, love, LOVE me some trip hop. If the rest of the album is ANYTHING like this track then it’s going to be hot. Want it NOW. I done ate all my new music already and need more.

  • oz

    I’m really digging this song…i really can’t wait for the new album, Flesh Tone was on my workout playlist

  • Miguel

    SWEET. I’ve been looking forward to this track! :D She always delivers. :D