A New Line Of ‘Jem And The Holograms’ Dolls Is Coming Your Way


OK, 80’s kids/fans, I’ve got some pretty spectacular news to share today … a new line of high end dolls is being introduced at San Diego Comic-Con this month based on the beloved 80’s cartoon Jem and the Holograms. As you may know, Jem and the Holograms was an animated series that featured an all girl rock group. Each week, Jem and the Holograms (the good girls) would, in a nutshell, battle The Misfits (the bad girls) for music supremacy … and each episode featured music videos from each of the bands (which was a revolutionary convention back in the hey day of MTV). A line of dolls was produced to conicide with the cartoon but when the series ended, so did the Jem doll line … until now. Hasbro has teamed up with Integrity Toys to create a NEW collection of Jem and the Holograms dolls. The first doll in the line, Hollywood Jem, will be released at Comic-Con. Click below to get your first look at the doll and learn more deets about this collection of dolls.

Inspired by the characters created by Hasbro over two decades ago and cherished by fans and collectors alike ever since, this nostalgic retro doll line is designed to pay homage to both the animated series and its original companion doll line, which was originally marketed from 1985 to 1987. Created for fans by fans of the rock ‘n shock pink haired pop-culture icon and her outrageous world, this classic commemorative line will feature the high-end details, quality accessories and ultra-limited edition sizes that fans of Integrity Toys have come to appreciate through the years. Hasbro in collaboration with the creative team at Integrity Toys, Inc., proudly presents a glamorous series of high-end fashion dolls based on the 1980’s ground breaking animated series JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS! Hollywood Jem is the first doll in a series of characters based on the hit 80’s animated series JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS. A long time fan favorite, Hollywood Jem is ready to be added to your collection at long last! Based on a costume worn in the two-part episode of the same name, Hollywood Jem comes complete with a totally 80’s, screen accurate look which includes:

* Fully articulated, highly detailed 12” (30.5 cm) fashion doll with cotton candy pink hair and hand applied eyelashes
* Screen accurate costume with couture like finish
* Miniature Jemstar earings
* Miniature Hollywood Star award plaque
* Shoes, Bracelets and realistic microphone and stand
* Doll stand, instructions, souvenir post card and certificate of authenticity.

This special edition doll will be available from the Hasbro Toy Shop at booth # 3329 at Comic Con International in San Diego and the approximate retail price will be US $125.00

OK … full disclosure … I was a BIG fan of the Jem dolls when I was a little kid … but not for the reasons you may assume. My favorite toys were Masters of the Universe, Transformers, G.I. Joe and Thundercats action figures (which are NOT dolls). Naturally, I also loved the cartoons that were based on the toys (or vice versa, in some instances the cartoons came first then the toys). I also really loved watching Jem and the Holograms even tho it was a “girl cartoon”. For me, I loved the music and music videos that were featured in each episode (and you have to understand, MTV and music videos were EVERYTHING to kids in the 80’s). Each of the original Jem and the Holograms dolls came packed with a cassette tape that featured a few of the songs from the TV series … and the only way to get the tapes was to buy the dolls:

Now, as a kid with limited funds, I never bought the dolls … but I did encourage my female friends and relatives to buy the dolls so that I could have their cassette tapes. The Jem and the Holograms dolls (the good girls) came with white cassette tapes and The Misfits dolls (the bad girls) came with black cassette tapes:

As far as I can tell, these new $125 dolls will not come with cassette tapes, CDs, etc. of Jem and the Holograms/The Misfits music … which is a big bummer for me. BUT, I know that these Jem dolls will be a big hit with collectors. The original Jem dolls fetch a pretty penny on eBay still so I imagine there is a fairly big market for these fancy new dolls.

What do you think of this new line of Jem and the Holograms dolls? Are you a fan? Do you think you’ll be plunking down $125+ to procure one?

Do you think this new Jem doll is truly outrageous?


  • Daniel

    I love the fact that the doll is an adult, and not 18 o something like that, besides she looks a little Debbie Harry for me, which is awsome! :D

    • Taint

      Jem has grown up. She looks awesome to be in her late 40’s. I’ll get mine in the mail in a few days. Hopefully she will be worth the $179 I paid off of ebay.

  • 90210


  • Jill

    That is out of my price range but I loved Jem when I was a kid. I am singing the theme song right now!

  • Ryan

    It’s a fail for me. I don’t think the outfit is 80’s enough.
    They should have gotten the woman who designed the dresses on the original show to do it. And her face doesn’t remind me of the character. It’s more of a misfit look on her face.

    • @Ryan — I agree that the face looks more Misfits than Jem but I like the update. It’s a serious doll collector’s doll, so I get the updates. Still, no cassettes? No sale for me.

    • Jemfan6

      @Ryan I completely agree, I am jem collector and really felt that hasbro and integrity dropped the ball on this one. I like that they made her look more like the cartoon however, her face looks more like a pizzazz doll than jem. they really lost the innocence and class that made jem so special. They really should have consulted die hard fans more before producing such a ridiculously overpriced doll that doesn’t pay enough homage to truly outrageous JEM!

    • Daniel

      Actually the outfit is straight from the TV series, she use that outfit during the middle of the 3 season

      Hollywood Jem music video:

  • I still have my DANSE cassette tape and the doll is stored somewhere… “When it’s only me and the music, I leave the world behind”…

  • Bruise

    Kinda disappointing how much the outfit makes me thinking of Stormer and the face makes me think of Pizzazz.. I’d love to love this, but as much as I love Jem,that makes this a no sale. I’d rather spring for a DC comics Tonner at that price point.

    But, it’s pretty cool that they’re rolling out a collector’s Jem.

  • Angela

    I was hoping she would have the pink outfit with the tights, and for $125 the earrings better light up, I can’t afford it but there is always ebay

    • Taint

      The earings on Hollywood Jem don’t light up. She is twice as much on ebay.

  • Dp

    the outfit is one of her most famous costumes from the series, its identical

    heres a link to the cartoon jem wearing this dress

  • I would not buy this doll. It doesn’t even look like Jem.

    • Taint

      The dolls from the ’80’s didn’t look like Jem either.

  • Jamar Miller

    The doll looks great, but the price sucks as I am not going to be buying this, I only buy dolls for my Daugther who is 3 and ID LOVE to buy a whole line of Jem dolls for her to play with, but at that price no way. I understand its for adults but where is the kids line ?

    • Taint

      I wish I could’ve bought mine for $125. I paid $179 for mine off of ebay and that is cheap compared to what they are now. CRAZY!

  • I loved this collection of dolls the minute I saw them. Of course Igot the whold collection mint in boxes. Love my Jems. The new price will knock a lot of collectors or littoe girls that love this doll due to the high price. I will just keep my personal collection guarded and not for sale. I got the clothes colledtion as well. Good because I am on a fixed income and cannot afford the ones coming out.

  • Crystal

    These new jem dolls suck royally,,!,,,,!! Does not resemble the real jem at all….

    • Sharon Knettell

      Crystal- you are RIGHT ON! My name is Sharon Knettell, google me- I did the original package art. This is a FAUX JEM designed to extract as much money from those know-nothings.What a piece of expensive crap made in murderous CHhna!

      Wait for somthing better- you have taste and class!

    • bluebelle

      Sharon, you do know that some of the original Jem dolls were also made in “murderous China”

  • Sharon Knettell

    I am Sharon Knettell the ORIGINAL Jem package artist! This doll IS NOT JEM! I held the real prototypes in my hand almost 30 years ago. They had spunk! This doll looks like an over the hill prom queen in a Jersey Shore hooker outfit- not that Jem was ever subtle.

    I have been deluged over the years with questions about Jem reappearing and have been as pschyed as everyone else- but this fako cheapo LIMP BISKIT ain’t it. Save your money. Demand Integrity and Hasbro get it right!

    Send them some Lady Gaga headshots and costume ideas!

    Tell them you want them NOT TO MAKE IT IN CHINA . They have the NERVE to make it cheap- for a few bucks and charge you a FORTUNE! This is what the rich Chinese do with with America’s money.

    • Ramona Burema

      Wow!!! you’re the original package artist?? wow thats truly amazing :-) Loved the images u made for the boxes especially the Stormer one and the Jem on the poster with the one bend knee! You’ve inspired me to draw better and better! And you’re right this doll has no Spunk, personally think her eyebrow is faulty making her look evilish. Also think the box is lacking the tape and artwork. The artwork is what got me hooked, even kept the original posters and boxes :-D. As for the price, I think it would be justified alright If it had just that little bit extra, nevertheless Im sure plenty of folks will buy it anyhows.