Watch: Lupe Fiasco Releases A Trippy New Video For ‘Around My Way’


Everybody knows Lupe Fiasco is not your typical rapper. He actually cares about what he says, and whether or not it makes sense. And sometimes, there’s even a (gasp!) message in his lyrics. But this new video for Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free) is something else to say the least. Directed by Alex Nazari (who’s worked with Travis Porter, Tyga, and Wiz Khalifa), the video has a gritty feel, complicated by the presence of a few cartoon-character accomplices. In case you were curious, this is usually what people mean when they say, real hip-hop.

Lupe Fiasco: Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)


Apparently there was some controversy over the sample (producers used the hiop-hop classic, They Reminisce Over You), but Lupe is kind of killing it, so I can’t imagine what people were mad about. It’s not like Soulja Boy sampled it. Shouts-out to Soulja Boy.

Lupe fans have a new album to look forward to this fall, as this track is another single off of the forthcoming Food And Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1. The title gets a pretty cool shout-out at the beginning of the vid, as it’s a play on the typical Chicago corner store. I think my favorite part of the video is when the jeweler puts chain after chain (after chain) around his neck. Classic. And I love that he’s making his way through Chicago with a very unique set of eyes. That sounds about right for Lupe.

I’m still working through the song lyrically; he’s saying a lot about pop culture, media, and America the beautiful, — and I like that. Like at the beginning of the second verse: America’s a big mother—- garbage man/If you ain’t know you part and parcel of the problem. Looove the way he drags out that line; in fact, his flow was so cray I may or may not have had to confirm the words on DirectLyrics. Don’t judge me, I was just dying to know what he said!

I know we have at least one Lupe fan on PITNBErica, where you at?!

Check out Lupe’s other single, Bitch Bad. And no, it’s not a song about how much he likes bad bitches. Quite the contrary.


  • Erica

    Shannon, not only do I love reading your posts…I love (and appreciate!) that you listen to us and use our feedback for content ideas!

    I liked the song as soon as I heard it, and I’m likin’ the video too. Only Lupe can make a message that is timely and very serious so. damn. catchy. It’s like he makes it catchy so that you listen to it and eventually, as you’re singing along or something, you realize what he’s actually saying. And it’s a message you need to hear.

    What I liked, aside from the chains, was that at the end, the car turns out to be a rental. People out there try to live the life, thinking they need it (why?) and will go to such great lengths to fake it (again…why?) I’m not saying I’m above everything – I like my Coach bags that came from the outlet while on a deep discount – but I think the exaggerated example of the rental car was good.

    Ah, love me some Lupe! And love seeing him on PITNB!!

  • Erica, I’ve always said blogging (for me) is a group effort, lol. I appreciate all of the cool ideas you guys give me, so thank you! And yes, that part at the end is awesome. I remember the Roots did something like that years ago, where they brought attention to the silliness of all that faux glitz and glam baller ish, esp in rap videos.

    So glad you’re enjoying the posts!

  • PixiesBassline

    Psstt – you can add me to the list of people who LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Lupe!!!
    I didn’t know who he was until I started listening to Bassnectar (he does a lot of vocals for Bassnectar)… and I totally fell in love with his voice and his style. LOVE THIS!!!!
    Thank Goodness for internet radio! (Because I live in an area where it’s almost impossible to discover new music and artists)
    Thanks for this, Shannon! :)

  • PixiesBassline, yeah! So glad you enjoyed the post and that Erica is in good company :)

  • Sofia

    I <3 Lupe.

    • Ditto Sofia. I’m really lovin these new tracks.

  • cupcakes in my pocket

    hey shannon. love your writing at pink. thanks for posting about lupe! <3

    • cupcakes in my pocket, what a great name! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the posts :)

  • Kayla

    Although I’m an avid pink reader I mostly do not comment. Just thought I’d take a quick second to tell you how much I’ve been wnjoying your fresh voice Shannon. You add a unique new twist to something thats an old favourite. It’s changing my comfort zone, but in the best way possible!

    Anyone who has love for Lupe is good in my books!

    • Kayla, thank you so much. It means a lot to me to hear from those of you who love PITNB. It’s really an honor to write for– and with– you guys. Thanks for commenting :)