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Yesterday evening, I met up with my dear Ollie for an early showing of Magic Mike in the Cinerama Dome at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood (review forthcoming). After the movie, we met up with Caleb for a late dinner/hang session. Unfortch, David couldn’t accompany us for any of the fun because he was really bizzy with work so, I guess, the mantle fell to me to have a lot of fun for the both of us.

I’ll post my full review of Magic Mike shortly but I’ll let you know now that I liked the film, mostly. I didn’t love it but I generally found it to be a fun time at the movies. I did have a really fantastic time hanging with Ollie and Caleb. I don’t get to see as much of Caleb as I would like so it’s always a treat getting to see him. Ollie is my chick. She’s usually up for anything and we have a great time no matter what we’re doing. I couldn’t stay out late last night because I had marathon training early this morning.

I HEAR that David and I are supposed to hang out with Emma and Josh finally. We haven’t seen them since their wedding in Mexico so we’re both very anxious to catch up with them. I’m a bit wiped from my early run so I’m going to take it easy this afternoon … I foresee a lazy Saturday ahead :) Happy Weekend!

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  • rOXy

    Thanks for the review, Trent. You are so funny. You get up early, go on a training run, and then call the day lazy just because every minute of any specific day isn’t jam-packed with a dizzy schedule. No one, I mean no one else I “know”, lives their life to the fullest in the way you do. You’re on a wild ride and in the winter of life, your book of memories will have to be broken down into volumes which will require a lot of shelf space. You’re awesome.

  • cupcakes in my pocket

    i love u