Nicki Minaj Speaks On Summer Jam: ‘At A Certain Point You Just Want Respect’


We got to hear Lil Wayne’s ridiculous explanation on the Nicki Minaj/Young Money/Summer Jam fiasco a couple of weeks back, and now we’ve got some words from Nicki herself. And thankfully, it’s not via another interview with Funkmaster Flex. Those two were seriously not working out for me on that last convo. This time, Nicki sat down with the UK’s Tim Westwood. “I want to let people know that I’m not getting on your stage, if you don’t have your mind right,” and other gems inside.

Nicki Minaj On Summer Jam, Respect, And Her Barbs:

Ok, um. I think I’m over the whole explanatory phase of this episode. I’m also over listening to Nicki Minaj tell us how many records she sold; she’s better than that, right? I mean, does she really need to convince us that she’s hot ish? We know! You’re Nicki Minaj! You sell records! But all of those records doesn’t make Starships a ‘real hip-hop’ song, which was all Rosenberg (of Hot 97) was saying. I listened to this interview because, silly me, I thought she was actually going to explain herself or admit that she just didn’t feel like performing… or something.

And I loooove that Tim Westwood started off the interview with, “I felt for you, I felt for you!” And then Nicki with, “It was gonna be shut dooown!” Yes. Had you actually performed. You would have shut it doooown. But ya didn’t. It’s fun to think about how cool it would have been if you did, right?

Lol, like I said. I think I’m over this. And the good news is, she says it’s all love with Hot 97 so I’m guessing she’s over it too.

Anybody else also trying to figure out where Nicki’s real voice ends and where the accents and fun stuff begins? Do you think this (and her many other performative aspects) make her an easy target? I guess I’m really thinking that Nicki Minaj is a performer and her performance as an artist got dissed; but Nicki Minaj claims to have taken it personally. Why? We don’t even know who she really is as a person; how can we or anyone else really, really disrespect her?

Although, to be fair, at the end of the interview she says her Barbs see her more intimately than anyone else and I’ve never been to a show (nor am I a Barb), so maybe I’m just missing it.

Anyway, ya’ll know I love Nicki. Just no more Summer Jam talk please. Aggghhh.

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  • Smoo

    Honestly, she is the business of selling records, not making real hip-hop. I love Starships but that is NOT at ALL a hip-hop track. It is pop-hop (is that a new genre). I love your posts Shannon, honestly I’m back on the site more since you started!

    • Smoo, thanks for the comment! I’m so glad you’re liking the posts and yes pop-hop or hip-pop is definitely a new genre, lol.

  • Will

    You know what the main problem is? All of these people (Nicki, Wayne and that Summer Jam D.J.) are simply full of themselves.Their pride and ego sometimes make them do and say things that are completely unnecessary and may I say… stupid!
    Please Nicki stop “asking” for respect! Respect is something people choose to give to you without you “asking” for it.
    I would understand if you were Mother Teresa asking for respect… but you’re just a fucking singer!
    These people need to seriously get over themselves.
    It’s pathetic.

    • Will, I agree– ego is entirely at work here. And you’re right, respect should not be something you have to ask for if it is, indeed, deserved. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!

    • Kat

      I grew up believing that respect is something you earn, you cannot just expect someone to give it you. Also that not everyone is going to have the same taste, views or morals as you. You accept it and move on. All this started because he didn’t like her song and rightfully expressed his option. You either say so what and don’t do the event or do it for the fans that coming to see you perform.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    I have very little respect for women like this b*tch and Beyonce and all these black one that all they do instead of being proud of their race are trying to emulate white women in all senses.Take Fantasia,I do not care for her but I respect her a lot.Why do these black women have to go around with blonde hair,honey colored skin,blue eyes?.Comme on.I was raised by a black woman that straighten her hair witha hot comb.That is today not necessary but blonde?.This is one thing Michelle O has for her,pride in her race.All the other ones are fakes.Does anybody believes that Michael Jackson kids came out of his loins?.REEEEEEEALLY?.

    • Sam

      I truly lost my respect for Nicki when she was features as a guest judge on America’s Next Top Model. She was criticizing a black girl for having a natural afro and telling her that she should get a weave or something to make it look “sleeker”…I was truly horrified that she would say something like that, ESPECIALLY as a young black woman herself!

    • Kat

      she really said that to a girl. What the hell is wrong with her. Natural beauty is a wonderful thing.

  • nicole

    the problem is, nicki hasnt realized that she doesnt really do hip hop anymore. you cant push a pop song and say its “hard” or whatever – then get mad someone one points out that its not.

    if she was smart, she would either drop the pop act altogether, and stick to what made her. or take some time off, and re-brand herself to something that fits more where her music has gone.

  • Jesse

    I think when it comes down to it she was performing at a gig for a station a dj worked at dissed her onstage. I also think that she should have been the grown up, addressed it onstage and performed. Because at the end of the day, you weren’t the only ones disappointed, the fans you kept waiting mattered too.

  • Ashley

    She looks like Gaga