Celebrities And Twitterverse React To The Death Of TomKat


We all grieve in different ways. Some of us pray, some of us blog, and many of us tweet. And then some of us pray, then collect a series of TomKat divorce-related tweets, then blog about those tweets inside.

Since we got the news yesterday, Tom Cruise’s rep has issued the following statement to People: “Kate has filed for divorce and Tom is deeply saddened and is concentrating on his three children.” The rep added, “Please allow them their privacy to work this out.”

Something tells me people are probably gonna disregard that last part. In fact, Twitter tells me that people are gonna disregard that fact.

Here’s how cray it got on Twitterverse after the TomKat divorce was announced:




To which someone replied, “Pretty Sure Travolta beat you to it.”



My favorite one was that last bit about Will and Jada, lmao. Oh, and Joan Rivers’s, duh! Did someone else (maybe you?) tweet something hella cray that I missed? Comment me your fave TomKat tweet and I’ll throw it in the post.

R.I.P. TomKat 2006-2012

  • Cathy

    Hahaha! I loved all these. Thanks for the post Shannon, totally funny :)

  • Cathy, my pleasure! Glad you enjoyed :)

  • Megan

    I can’t pick my favourite, they’re all to fuuny!

  • Katie

    I think the hostage situation one is my fave!

  • ChristineLA

    Oh, how I laughed! I wonder if there were any sincere, supportive tweets, or if everyone just let ‘er rip?!

  • gpgirl

    oh btw cesca litton is a filipina tv personality but thanks for including her.

  • Chelsea

    I like Weird Al’s- I was waiting for a couch reference :p

  • Courtney

    the fact that these two are getting divorced isn’t a surprise when you consider he’s nearly 20 years older than her and has been divorced twice before. if Kurt Southerlund left his wife Claire Newman that would be a surprise they seem to adore each other as much as her parents did. if Katie keeps her wedding ring on it’ll look tacky but when Claire’s mother does it’s not tacky at all 5 years is nothing compaired to more than 50 which is how long Claire’s parents were married when her dad Paul passed away September 26th 2008