Watch: Spike Lee’s ‘Red Hook Summer’ Releases Its First Trailer


The critically-acclaimed director (whose last feature film was 2008’s Miracle at St. Anna) finally has a trailer for Red Hook Summer, a film that has been quite busy making its way around the festival circuit. Lee decided to go a different route with this film, completely bypassing the studios and premiering the film at the Sundance Film Festival and keeping it all very indie. The highly-anticipated movie follows a young boy on his journey from the South to the Red Hook projects in Brooklyn (as if there’s any other city for a Spike Lee film), where he spends the summer with a zealous, religiously overbearing, and loving grandfather. Peep the first trailer inside!

Red Hook Summer: First Trailer


I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Spike Lee over the years. But truth be told, it’s mainly love, or respect. I was not a fan of Do The Right Thing until I started watching movies more closely, and saw a real genius in the cinematography of his work. Maybe it’s the written aspect of his pieces that doesn’t always quite click with me, but c’mon what am I really gonna say about Spike Lee? He’s awesome. That’s what I’ll say. And he married a Sarah Lawrence woman so there; he’s clearly a genius. Or insane.


Either way, I’m always excited to see new work from him. I wasn’t big on Miracle at St. Anna (especially when I kept hearing that it was very historically inaccurate), but I loved his documentary on the people affected by the politics of Hurricane Katrina, When The Levees Broke. This new film has few familiar faces which could be quite refreshing, although I’m still waiting for him to team up with Denzel again (Malcolm X! He Got Game! Mo Betta Blues?!).

Also, where is Zelda Harris– the little girl from Crooklyn?!

Spike Lee lovers, excited much? Spike Lee haters, care to share your thoughts on this trailer?