Watch: ‘Looper’ Releases An Extended Trailer


Ready for another sci-fi time-travel cinematic extravaganza? I thought so. Looper, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis looks friggen awesome! It’s all Source Code-y and Die Hard-y with a bit of Inception-ism and then kinda Deja Vu-ish! Ok, all that makes a lot more sense once you see the trailers inside.

Looper: Extended U.S. Trailer

Looper: International Trailer

Now I probably should have warned you about this sooner, but the director of the film tweeted this little tidbit the other day:

But it’s fine, ’cause then he tweeted this:

Anyway we’ve already watched it. But Rian Johnson brings up an interesting point. Do you guys think that hella trailers can ruin a film? I’m not sure about that. I’ve had friends describe entire movies to me, scene by scene and it’s never ruined the experience of a good film. I could see a million of these trailers; if Looper is as cool as it looks I don’t think these little previews will make much of a difference.


  • Cupcake

    I absolutely adore JGL & think he still looks hot even though they messed with his appearance to look more like Bruce Willis. * Excited for this movie!!! *