Watch: Do You Buy Adam Levine As A Struggling Boxer In The ‘One More Night’ Video?


So earlier in the week Maroon 5 debuted their new video for the song One More Night, off of the album that dropped on June 26 (titled Overexposed… lol). But I’m just learning a very fun fact, which is that the director of the video is Peter Berg (director of this year’s major flop Battleship, but also Friday Night Lights, Hancock and The Kingdom). Anyway, the best part of this video is not Adam Levine as a boxer, or even Minka Kelly as his fed-up wife. The best part is the hilarious, scathing mini-review of the video that I found on Indiewire (I know, totally surprising that they’d hate on Maroon 5), The Playlist. Watch, read, cringe, and enjoy inside.

Maroon 5 but mainly Adam Levine: One More Night


Soooo? What’d ya think? I wasn’t especially blown away by Adam’s performance, nor was I as angry as this guy, who introduced the video with the following diatribe:

Surprisingly explosion free, the video positions Levine as a puglist who tries to do right by his hot wife and cute child but ultimately gets dumped anyway. Boo hoo. The contrast between Levine the boxer and his dog whistle pitched singing voice is unintentionally hilarious, and you can’t really buy this pampered celeb as some kind of lower class fighter hoping to keep the lights on. But the video does give you the satisfaction of seeing the face of the “Moves Like Jagger” guy get battered.

Anyway, watch it below. We have no idea if they have a new album out or are touring or whatever, but your local soccer Mom should be able to fill you in.

Kevin Jagernauth at The Playlist

LMAO, I just had to share that one with you guys. I thought it was hilarious even as I def kinda took offense to the soccer Mom comment. But still, fun times at Indiewire. Anybody else really pissed at Adam Levine today? I’m not a huge fan, based on his ridiculous comments in this interview, but I’m not out to get him. And I don’t hate his sound either! Sometimes.

Ultimately, I don’t think every music video is going to be an epic re-imagining of the universe as we know it. Most of the time, they’re just kinda fun. This one’s fine by me :)


Maroon 5 fans? Care to defend against the wrath of Indie?


  • rOXy

    It’s just a video. Kevin should think about lightening up a bit.

    • rOXy, I wouldn’t have gone in like that! But to each his own, lol.

  • Tiners

    LOL! What a hilarious review. I think this writer put it brilliantly. I personally can’t stand Adam Levine or the fact that he is seemingly EVERYWHERE now. Just my personal opinion. Obvs most of the world doesn’t agree with me as Maroon 5 is so popular now. Oh, and I just have say, I cannot BELIEVE their song “Payphone” is a number one hit. REALLY?!?!?!?!?!?!? I lunge to change the radio station every time it comes on. Again, just my subjective opinion. Whew! Thanks for letting me vent. :)

  • Tiners, everybody needs their time to rant, lol. And I definitely hear you; I’ve had my moments with Levine.

  • Love him or hate him, Adam Levine is effing hot. And I do love him. And Maroon 5, but I get that it’s not everyone’s fave…that’s not how the world works, and there’s plenty of stuff that I don’t like that other people love. Needless to say, this video has NOTHING to do with the lyrics of the song, but he is shirtless in half of it, so seems like a win to me. :)