Stout, In The Name Of Love


Yesterday afternoon, right before my friend Mike had to head back to Las Vegas after his quick visit to LA Wednesday evening, I ventured out of the house to meet up with Mike and Scott for a leisurely lunch at an amazing burger join in Hollywood called Stout. After lunch, Mike and I hung out at The Grove for a bit so that he could pick up some books on his way out of town. The rest of my day was pretty low key … but nice.

I honestly don’t get to spend too much time in Hollywood but since Scott works there, he knows all the great restaurants. Stout has amazing food … like their gourmet warm pretzel appetizer and their truffle oil & brie cheese burger. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a more delicious burger. Not only do I owe Scott for taking us on the set of Dexter but now I owe him for introducing me to my new favorite burger place :) Before Mike left for LV, we got to hang out for a bit … which was really nice. We do see each other when I go home to Michigan but not every trip. It was really nice getting to spend some alone time with him, just the two of us ;)

This evening, I’m meeting up with Ollie at the movies … we’re planning to see Magic Mike, er, for the articles. Not sure what we’ll do after but I can’t stay out late … I have marathon training in the AM. Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!!

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  • Megsterg

    That pretzel appetizer looks amazing! I want!