Rihanna’s Twit Pics Never Cease To Amaze/Confuse Me


I love following @rihanna on twitter because she goes from raging sexpot to dutiful daughter in like, one instagram-atic moment. And don’t we all? Lol, but seriously– she bares her body and sometimes her soul, probably more than anybody ever should and for that she deserves a twit pic round-up. We shall document her highs and lows via some of the many photos she tweeted during the month of June. And in doing so, I hope to reconcile my own personal issues with the twitter account that never ceases to amaze/confuse me. Pothead Rihanna, Sleepy Rihanna, Sexy Rihanna, and many others inside.

The Highs And Lows Of @Rihanna: A Pseudo-psychological account of the singer, as she tweets herself to be (or of myself, as I go through the full-throttle experience of the Rihanna twit pic)

She tweeted this one last night when she couldn’t sleep. See how irresistibly cute she is when she can’t sleep? A high point, I think.

But then she also tweeted this one. Which leads me to believe that even bad bitches can get bored. A tragic fact of life. And kind of a low point for me, on Rihanna’s twit pics (not aesthetically; it’s a pretty pic if you crane your neck).


She tweeted this work of fan art, which I thought was nice. Although I suspect she gets a lot of these, and especially wanted to show off the one where she was dressed as Rastafari… which is fine! She’s gotta rep her roots. A high moment for Rih-Rih.


Here’s a moment of confusion. Or hilarity. The singer with “the beebs”? Something tells me that’s not Justin Bieber. Which is funny and kinda quirky. The quirk-factor makes this one Rihanna’s high points for me, lol.


The pic is soooo fun, right?! It’s sooo Rihanna (slightly reminiscent of Aaliyah or even Left-Eye of TLC)! But then there’s the caption, which reads, “It’s ya d*ck game.” And I’m at a low point with Rihanna again. Call me crazy/repressed, but I am so confused as to why she tweets things like that, lol!


Ahhh, good. A high point. Rihanna tweets a lot of pics of her family. Very sweet.


Deep thoughts from Rihanna– she noted that the clouds, on this particular day, were pink. So we see she has an artsy/sophomore year photo major side to her. I’ll take that as a high.


Another sleepy, cuter-than-everyone-else-who’s-sleepy-right-now twit pic. She also added “Daddy I wish you were here.” So I thought, Daddy? What kind of Daddy, Rihanna? And then I saw that she tweeted this on Father’s Day. But then I remembered that we’re dealing with a badgalriri situation, and Daddy could still reference a man not of blood relation. But no. After much deliberation, I decided this this is really a reference to her Papa. The good kind of Papa. A high point (I think).


She caught a lotta flack for this outfit but me likey so much! Reminds me of SJP on an episode of Sex And The City. Thanks Rih Rih– a really good, high note for you on your twit pics. And no unnecessarily raunchy captions! Yeah!


And then, see, here I get confused again. Cause it’s like, are you really one of those people who’s sooo into weed? You don’t seem like you are. But then you do this! Who cares about vintage pot leaf alarm clocks,other than weed heads? We’re back at a low point again, Rihanna and me.


But thankfully we can end on a high note, which is how Rihanna started the month of June. On the first, she tweeted these two pictures.

This one, to show us her humorous side. The most important side of any human being, methinks.


And this beautiful picture with the caption, “I miss Barbados.”


Join me next month, during another attempt to reconcile my amazement/confusion over Rihanna’s twitter account. Or another celebrity twitter account that makes me question my beliefs, fashion choices, sexuality, and ability to empathize with the rich and famous :)

Anybody else lovin that pink cloud pic?

  • blaqfury

    your article was pretty funny…lol

    • Thanks blaqfury, glad you liked!

  • Katie

    She seems to be going a little wack-a-doo lately.

    • Katie, she def has her moments, lol! Thanks for commenting.

  • Tonney

    OMG I loved your post, Rih is such a kween tbh, I love her. <3

  • Tonney, I can’t help it. I <3 her too. Glad you liked the post!

  • Debho

    I like most of her music, but she’s just too weird for me.

  • Debho, I hear you! I just can’t tell if she’s really weird, or really wants us to think that she’s really weird… probably both, lol. Thanks for commenting.

    • Debho

      I dunno, but I would hate for people to think that I was weird. Anyway, Gaga has that title sewn up. lol

  • Alexis

    i love it im gettin simalir ,ppl tht say eww to girls with short hair are just afraid cuz they have the confidence to pull it off!i have short hair and i love it least were not afraid to stand out!good for rihanna!!