Mentally Prepare For The ‘Magic Mike’ Premiere With These Classic Male Stripper Scenes


So today’s the big day. You’ve watched the trailer. You’ve watched the NSFW trailer… more times than you’d be willing to admit in front of a jury of your peers. You think you’re ready to go see Magic Mike tonight, but are you really, truly ready? Probably not, Trent. Probably not. Lol, but seriously there’s only one way to prepare for a male stripper movie and that’s with seven iconic male stripper movie/TV scenes. And wouldn’t ¬†you know? I happen to have some inside. YOU’RE WELCOME.

1. Sadly, FOX is a hater, and has removed most of the videos featuring the final scene to end all final scenes, so here’s an 18-second teaser.
The Full Monty, 1997


And if that doesn’t do it for you, here’s the Broadway musical version. If you squint, you can see Patrick Wilson from Little Children.


2. An oldie, but quintessential male stripper goodie.
For Ladies Only, 1981 (TV Movie)


3. Terry Crews either scares the ish out of you, or turns you on. For me, it’s a bit of a combo platter.
Terry as his alter ego Squeegee Lo on George Lopez Tonight, 2010


4. My absolute favorite male stripper scene of all time. Ever.
SNL’s Chippendale’s Skit featuring Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze, 1990


5. Because stripping is as much an American tradition as warm apple pie.
Jason Biggs in American Pie, 1999


6. Here’s to more strip scenes featuring Santa costumes.
Jake Gyllenhaal and his booty in Jarhead, 2005


7. This one holds a special place in my heart. The first strip I ever had the pleasure of watching.
Alfonso Ribeiro AKA Carlton Banks, brilliant, in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, 1992

carlton banks:


8. PITNBr Wynter, made this awesome recommendation:
Samuel Ball in 13 Going On 30


And a very happy, Magic Mike day to you all!

  • JillieBean430

    LOL! You are so funny Shannon! I love the SNL skit! :-)

    I saw Magic Mike at midnight last night and we enjoyed it! The plot was a bit thin, but we didn’t exactly go for the plot!

    • JillieBean430– nobody is going for the plot, lol. Lucky you!!! Glad you liked the post.

  • Wynter

    I love the little dance Samuel Ball did in 13 Going on 30 when he stripped.

    • Wynter, great one! See number 8 on the edited post :)

  • Jess

    I saw Full Monty as a young teen and absolutely adored it. Although after watching it a few weeks ago I’ve realized it’s become a tad more awkward seeing,Rumpelstiltskin from Once upon a time and King Robert from Game of Thrones,stripping.

    Also, I am beeeyond excited at the prospect of a Magic Mike musical

  • xababb

    You forgot Christopher Atkins’ stripper movie “A Night in Heaven” – full frontal in that movie!