Jessica Simpson Swears Weight Watchers Is NOT Forcing Her To Lose Weight


Last last month we learned that new mom Jessica Simpson signed a deal with Weight Watchers to become their newest celebrity spokesperson. Altho the terms of the deal have not been officially confirmed, I think it is safe to say that Jessica was paid handsomely by the brand to appear in an advertising campaign and lose weight. Out of the blue, Jessica posted a message on her official Twitter profile letting everyone know that Weight Watchers isn’t pressuring her to lose weight … which seems odd since they are paying her reported millions to do just that. Hmmm.

Just so everyone knows…Weight Watchers hasn’t put ANY pressure on me! I’m trying to be as healthy as I can be for myself and I feel great!

Now, I honestly believe that Jessica (or her people, rather) is smart enough to work out an endorsement deal where she isn’t legally forced to lose weight … but let’s be real here … of COURSE Weight Watchers is paying her and wants her to lose weight because they want to use her (and the rest of their celebrity spokespeople) as an example to others that their weight loss system works. I have NO PROBLEM with celebrity signing endorsement deals, in fact, I applaud any person who can get a deal like this … but I do bristle at the notion that Jessica Simpson is trying to make people believe that she is losing weight for herself and not because Weight Watchers is paying her as a spokesperson (it would be easy for her to pay Weight Watchers as a customer to lose weight “for herself”). That’s not to say that Jess doesn’t want to lose weight/get healthier but it feels extremely disingenuous to imply that she is losing weight all on her own and Weight Watchers is just paying her millions of dollars for fun. As a celebrity spokesperson, one who is paid exorbitant amonts of money, I would rather Jessica just fulfill her endorsement requirements and be open about her affiliation with the company she is working with. We know she is being paid to endorse and lose weight by Weight Watchers … it’s no big. While the company may not be “pressuring her” per se, they are most definitely paying her to lose weight.

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  • Janaegal

    I took it as she isn’t being pressured to lose weight quickly. They are allowing her to lose in a safe and healthy manner.

    I don’t think she’s denying losing because of an endorsement deal.

    • Katie

      I agree. I think she just meant they aren’t putting pressure on her to drop a certain amount of weight by a certain date.

    • @Janaegal — I don’t mean to imply that she is denying anything … but her comment, at least to me, makes it sound like she’s trying to lessen the reality of her million dollar endorsement deal … which feels disingenuous.

  • Kiki

    @Janaegal – I took it in the same way.

    BUT what on Earth is that thing she has clipped to her shirt between her boobs? It’s too small to be a cell phone. I don’t understand.

    • rOXy

      @Kiki: The thing clipped on her shirt is probably a pedometer. :)

    • Kiki

      But don’t those only work on your waistband? I mean, I don’t get how they work at all, really… but seems like an odd place to put it!

    • rOXy

      I’ve known people to wear a pedometer clipped to a sports bra. I don’t know how they “work”, but if they measure the bounce of taking a step, I’d say she should get a triple reading in that particular spot. lol

    • @rOXy — LOL. Yeah, pedometers work best when clipped to the waist.

    • Susan

      Maybe her boobs are so big that the pedometer thinks they’re her legs and registers movement as steps.

  • k

    i saw some headline the other day “weightwatchers forcing jessica to lose 50lbs” or something like that (i can’t remember, i didn’t read the article). i don’t think she’s denying the realities of the endorsement deal, i think that she’s trying to change the spin that’s going around. they may not be forcing her to lose the weight that quickly or that harshly, but there’s a good chance they forced her to tweet that tweet :)

  • honestly. whats with this pic? its weird. why is her mouth open? while her boobs are out? weird……… is she getting to give…nevermind.

    • Ben@pr

      I thought the same. It’s a sexual picture and she knows it.

  • Erin

    Those terrible bug eye shades bother me more than anything… Why they are considered fashionable is beyond me… She looks like a sleestak from Land of the Lost… Lol