Watch: Machine Gun Kelly And Ester Dean Star In The ‘Invincible’ Video


Ya’ll may or may not have noticed, but I’m always checkin for Ester Dean going-ons and I was so exited to see that she had collab’d with Machine Gun Kelly (or MGK) on this Invincible track. The song’s been out for a minute, and since I don’t really follow MGK like that it wasn’t really on my radar. Still, I love me some Ester and I’m curious to see if we have any MGK fans on PITNB.  Check out the video inside.

Machine Gun Kelly feat. Ester Dean: Invincible


So, for obvious reasons, people are comparing MGK to Eminem. But lyrically, I don’t really hear it. What I do hear, sometimes, is that Cleveland (or Midwest) influence. MGK is from Shaker Heights, Ohio (like Kid Cudi), which is right next door to Cleveland, and when he does that little  rapid-fire flow sometimes, I hear it.

Obviously, Ester sounds amazing on the track. She’s currently on my ‘can-do-no-wrong’ list. Check out her other songs here and here.

Any MGK fans around? He’s signed to Bad Boy Records right now. Hope that Diddy curse doesn’t start rearing its ugly head anytime soon (shout out to Ma$e, Boys In The Hood, Faith Evans, Cheri Dennis, Young Joc, Carl Thomas, 112, Lil’ Kim, Day 26, The LOX, Shyne, Da Band, Dream, Elephant Man, Danity Kane, Loon, B5, Donnie Klang, etc.)

Watch MGK rep Cleveland/Ohio in the video for Wild Boy (feat. Waka Flocka Flame, with guest appearances from Ohio natives Kat Williams and OMG is that Layzie Bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony?!)

  • Jen

    I love this song but I’m not really a big fan of MGK!!

  • I hear you Jen! I haven’t decided on him yet, but I agree that this is a nice track. Thanks for commenting!

  • Jacinta

    I only like one MGK song so far (Warning Shot), but I’ll give this one a listen. I wish everybody would stop comparing every White rapper to Eminem though. Some are terrible (Chet Haze) and some are really talented in their own right (Yelawolf).

  • Jacinta, I love Yelawolf! Where is he?! LOL. And I agree, the comparisons are a little silly. Thanks for commenting.

    • nicole

      @Shannon – Yelawolf started recording a new album this month under Shady Records – which means this new album should be gooooooood

    • nicole, thanks! Yeeeahhhh!

  • nicole

    this is really the only MGK song i know, and i only checked it out for Ester. the song grew on me, MGK not not so much. as for the comparisons to Eminem – they both have white skin, thats about all they have in common.

  • Lydia

    MGK has been growing on me. I grew up in Shaker (same class as Cudi) and my sister was in the same class as MGK. I always like supporting people from the hometown. I think they keep comparing him to Eminem because they assume Eminem was a big influence on him (MGK would have been 10 when The Real Slim Shady cam out) and because they are from the same region (Detroit & Cleveland share a lot of similarities, particularly in the way they speak).

  • sum126

    I live about 30 mins from Cleveland, MGK has been a known around here for a couple of years. I like this side of him compared to other Lace Up tracks. He has some CRAAAZZYy fans ( think “little monsters” or “barbz”) so I really think he might be around for awhile