Watch: James Marsden, Susan Sarandon And Frank Langella Feature In The ‘Robot And Frank’ Trailer


Yes, it’s another robot movie. No, the robot does not turn out to be an evil being with dreams of world domination. Robot And Frank (starring James Marsden, Frank Langella, and Susan Sarandon) looks like it’s actually, well, different. While it’s definitely got the ‘man versus technology’ thing going on, there’s a clever twist in the story that turns that whole dynamic on its head. Oh and there’s this actor in it named Peter Saarsgard who, for reasons unknown, I find somewhat irresistible. Watch the trailer with me inside!

Robot And Frank: First Trailer


Who else is into this? I’m partial to a lot of these actors. Sarsgaard (who you didn’t see, because he’s the voice of the robot, lol). Langella! Liv Tyler?! And I like that, instead of telling a story where robotsĀ are naughty or technology corrupts people, we might be looking at a situation where people are corrupting technology. For once, technology (the robot) is portrayed as innocent, until a human (Langella) gets his hands on it. Me likey!

This will be director Jake Schreier’s first movie. He’s worked as an associate producer on Natural Selection and Magic Valley. Anybody down for an indie robot movie? Robot And Frank premieres on August 24th.



  • Natasha

    I am so down for this! What a great cast!

    • Natasha, me too! It looks so sweet– I expect good things :) Thanks for commenting.