A ‘Vogue’ Photo Shoot Takes Joan Smalls and Lara Stone Back To The 80’s


Last week we got to see Joan Smalls on the cover of W magazine, and this week Vogue has shared photos of the gorgeous super model in a unique spread, alongside Lara Stone. The piece will run in Vogue’s July 2012 issue, and I am thrilled to have further confirmation that Joan Smalls really is the next big thing. Or the current big thing! Go TeamJoan. Ogle, envy, and relive the bold, big-haired glory of the eighties inside.

The piece in Vogue is titled, “Lara Stone and Joan Smalls: Risky Business,” and these models remind us that the eighties was an unforgettable, in-your-face, once-in-a-lifetime fashion experience. The hair is big (and occasionally, pink), the lipstick is bright and the clothes are show-stopping. It’s the Eighties. Baby.

Photography by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Leather on leather, a la Duran Duran.


I may not be able to afford to buy this Balmain leather jacket, but I can afford to love it. Sigh.


Such an amazing shot, right?! Balenciaga flow.



It’s all about the accessories (peep the gloves!)… and the Yves Saint Lauren skirt… and the wind blasting through your hair… and the pitch-perfect colored lipstick. I think this is the visual definition of fierce. Thank you Lara.
See the rest of the pics here. And somebody get me whatever lip color Lara Stone is wearing. Stat.




  • Krissy

    The funny thing about 80s fashion, is it is 40s fashion in gaudier colors (especially the shoulder-to-waist shape).

  • jr

    Joan Smalls for the cover!!!

  • Ben@pr

    I liked the photos a lot although I’m not a fan of the 80’s fashion but obviously Vogue, Joan and Lara made it work.

    • Ben@pr, agreed. They are workin those looks.