A Visit To The Set Of ‘Dexter’


OMFG! So, yeah, yesterday was one of the most fun days of my LIFE. After many years of talking about it, I finally got to visit the set of Dexter … and it was truly a dream come true. My good friend Mike G., visiting from Michigan, is really good friends with Scott Reynolds, a writer on Dexter. For years, Scott has graciously invited us to visit the set of Dexter but, for one reason or another, we never managed to get it together. Yesterday, the stars aligned and … my life was made. Check out some really fun photos below and see how I spent my day on the set of Dexter.

Where to begin!? There was filming going on but, as far as I could tell, neither Michael C. Hall or Jennifer Carpenter were on set to film today. The episode being filmed featured nudity so we, as visitors, were not allowed to watch the filming process … which was just find with me becuase that allowed us to run around and hang out in Dexter’s apartment, Dexter’s laboratory, the Miami Police Department station and on his boat Slice of Life.

We weren’t privy to any spoilers which, again, is fine by me … I don’t want to learn any big spoilers before the show returns for season 7 this September. It was eerie to be on the set. Everything looks so much smaller in person. I know everyone says this but it’s really true. We got to poke around in everything … Dexter’s closet, his desk drawers, inside his air conditioner (which, I’m sad to say, didn’t have his blood slides box) … I even got to relax on his couch! I cannot thank Scott enough for inviting Mike and me to the set. TRULY, it was such a thrill. I was geeking out so bad, I’m sure I embarrassed myself. ACK! It was so cool!!!

Mike is heading over to Las Vegas this afternoon so we’re gonna grab Scott and grab lunch before he goes. No other plans for today, I think I’ll just salivate over my Dexter set photos some more. Happy Thursday! How’s your day going?!

  • Lita

    So awesome Trent! I love this show and I wish I could have cheked out the set Imtotally jelly of you!

  • Jessica

    Oh my gosh!!! You’re so lucky! I can’t even imagine how awesome that would be!!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  • Janaegal

    What?!? And you didn’t invite me?!? Rude. Just plain rude!

    So jealous! ;)

  • Ashwee

    Wow, that would be a total dream come true. I’m so jealous!
    I cannot wait until September. I’m expecting my first child on September 20, so I think it’s going to be a good month between having my son and Dexter!

  • claire

    I’ve never seen a single episode but I hear it’s great!

  • Joon

    Oh.my.God. That is so incredible, I can’t even begin! What an awesome day! It really pays to have the right contacts! Thanks for sharing. Really getting excited for September now. I don’t know what I’m more excited for: the kids to go back to school or new season of Dexter!

  • bopeep

    i am soooooo jealous! aaaaahhhh

  • Mike G

    It was super fun! I was thrilled we were able to finally do this. I was so in awe that initially I forgot to take photos!

    PS Scott is now writer/producer (not that I really know what a producer does, but it sounds impressive.)

  • Heather

    So jealous! You should have pricked your finger and left him a slide of blood…

    • @Heather — LOL! We actually talked about doing that … seriously ;) (We didn’t do it.)

  • Lauri

    So awesome you got to see the set! Also- I almost couldn’t tell that it was Busy Phillips in the Bacardi ads on your page! Woah!

  • JeniLee

    That’s awesome! I cant wait until we do our weekend trip to Miami soon so we can find the apartment that they used for the outside shots!

  • Billi

    So jealous!