Watch: Channing Tatum Leads A Flash Mob Dance On ‘The Today Show’


To promote this week’s release of his new film Magic Mike, Channing Tatum paid a visit to The Today Show in NYC, NY this morning to do a bit of promo work to inspire the millions of people who watch morning TV that they should rush out and see his movie in theaters this weekend. Part of his ploy to get folks to see his film included showing off his impressive dance moves. Check out below video of Channing leading a flash mob of dancers performing to the classic dance song It’s Raining Men.

Ok, Ok … this dance routine is cute … BUT, if Channing really wants to get people to see his movie, I think he’d be more successful if he showed off a bit more … if you get what I’m saying. I mean, yes, I know stripping is really all about the tease but … a little flesh never hurt anyone, right? That said, I’m very curious to see just how much flesh we will see when Magic Mike opens on Friday. HMMM.


  • Andrea

    A little less shirt and a little more skin would be appreciated!

  • Cesar

    Dannngg digging that guy with the thick thighs dancing next to Tatum!

  • cmc

    I don’t care about the marketing strategy. I’m watching the crap out of that movie. Twice.