Yesterday was basically an errands day. I got out of the house to take care of a few things but generally just kept things chill. Last night, David and I went to the Gym together … something that we never do. But this gym was the fun kind … the bar kind.

Honestly, my day yesterday was not at all exciting. I went to All Saints to see if I could benefit from their annual Summer sale and ended up with a pair of black jeans, then I swung by The Grove to pick up some food. Last night, David and I went to Gym bar for a couple of drinks and that was pretty much my day. I may have overdone it a bit on my last couple of running workouts because my shins are sore as heck. I’ll need to take a couple days off from running so that my legs can heal back into shape.

This evening, I’m getting to do something very cool but I’m not ready to share just yet. I will hint that one of the blog posts today is a clue as to what I’m going to be doing. I have to head out this afternoon so I’ll be occupied for much of the rest of the day. Stay tuned, I hope to have something fun to share soon :) Happy Hump Day!

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  • PeaButNutter

    Hmmm…either taking part in a flash mob or you’re modeling?

  • blaqfury

    Having twins (who you’ll buy pug hats for) or have a mtg with Bravo execs and demanding no less than $1 million dollars to turn PinkIsTheNewBlog into a reality show…

  • Roland

    Watching Magic Mike?

  • Hannah

    You are going to help give Chris Hemsworth that shower he so obviously needs?

  • HD

    A tip from my bf, who plays soccer…to help with shin splints (I don’t know if to prevent or to heal), lay a hand towel on the floor and sit on a chair in front of it, then roll the towel up with your toes. It works muscles you wouldn’t normally use in everyday activity. Keep up the good work running!!