Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer Are Reportedly Expecting Twins


Back in April we first learned that True Blood co-stars and real life married couple Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are expecting their first child together. Today we are hearing that the couple may actually be expecting their first children together. US Weekly magazine is reporting that Anna and Stephen are pregs with twins! How fun!!

Us Weekly has learned that Anna Paquin, 29, and her husband of nearly two years, Stephen Moyer, 42, are expecting a double delivery in the fall! “I’m so excited for them,” the couple’s costar Sam Trammell –father to 11-month-old twins Winston and Gus with girlfriend Missy Yager — tells Us. “We sent them a special gift. It’s so interesting that True Blood has become, like, the ‘twins’ show.” And though Moyer has two children, Lilac 10, and Billy, 12, from a previous relationship, he’s been listening intently to Trammell’s advice on the ins and outs of raising multiples. “It’s harder, having twins, but it’s all we know. So we’re trying to impart some decent wisdom,” Trammell adds. “I told them to hold on tight!” But Moyer is up for the challenge. “It’s always amazing,” he told Zap2it in May of his wife’s pregnancy. “I love my kids so much. And I think that the fact that Anna is pregnant just adds more crazy to the bundle of fun.”

HMMM … it sounds like the couple’s True Blood co-star Sam Trammell is the one who is actually spilling their beans. His confirmation that the couple are having twins seems awfully believeable to me. Now, instead of wondering if Anna and Stephen are going to have a girl or a boy we wonder if they are going to have two girls, two boys or one of each (plus, we also wonder if the twins will be identical or fraternal). This is happy baby news, ain’t it? Two is (usually) better than one ;) Congrats Anna and Stephen! Let the Bump Watch continue!!


  • Nicole

    When I saw the first pics of her bump I was surprised at how large it already was, especially since this is her first. But, if it is twins, that would explain it!!

  • Meghan

    Her recent pics show that she is pretty big so I’m inclined to believe this. Congrats to them! Love them as a couple.

  • muchacha

    Love them, and wish True Blood would kill off Arlene, her husband, Sheriff Andy and his gf just to spend more time on Sooki and the vampires!!

    • Cheryl

      Yes! Far too many story lines lately! We barely get any vampire stuff anymore

    • Will

      I agree. Giving every single character a story-line was unnecessary. It’s getting really hard to connect emotionally with the characters because there’s so many things going on at the same time.
      I LOVED season 1 and 2, because the story-line(s) were much more simple and easy to follow.
      In this season, Sam, Sookie, Bill and Jason are in COMPLETELY different story-lines. There’s no connection between them at all. It’s a mess.
      I’m hating this season.

  • Courtney

    congrats to them and twins probably run in one of their families. it’s most likely going to be a girl & a boy thats the most common set of twins just look at the other Celebs that have had twins in the last 5 years or so Jennifer Lopez Molly Ringwald & Mariah Carey all had a girl and a boy correct that would be Maximilian “Max” David & Emme Mirabel Roman & Adele Gianopolous & Moroccan “Rocky” Scott & Monroe “Roe” Cannon.