An Executive Producer Spills Secrets From The Upcoming 7th Season Of ‘Dexter’


A couple of weeks ago we got our first look at the first promo photo released from the forthcoming 7th season of Dexter. Altho a picture is worth a thousand words, we really did not get any explanation as to what we can expect from the new season of the show. Today, in a new TV Guide interview with executive producer Sara Colleton, we get some explanation and a few spoilers as to what we will see when Dexter returns this September for its 7th season. Click below to learn more but do so at your discretion, some of the info provided is a bit spoilery.

When Dexter returns for its seventh — and penultimate — season, both viewers and their favorite serial-killing blood spatter analyst will discover just what happens when his secret is revealed. The last we saw of Dexter (Michael C. Hall), he had finally delivered his own biblical form of vengeance upon Travis (Colin Hanks), who had left Miami in fear over where the Doomsday Killer would strike next. He had also kidnapped Dexter’s son Harrison, which finally hit a nerve with the often emotionless Dexter, who then stuck it to Travis — literally — in the closing moments of the finale. Unfortunately, Dexter wasn’t alone in that church, with Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) planning to profess her love to her brother before walking in on him driving a knife into Travis. Clearly, Deb’s reaction will be Dexter’s greatest obstacle this season as he’s faced with someone finally taking off his mask. But his sister isn’t the only person Dexter will have to worry about when evidence at the church suggests the Bay Harbor Butcher is back. Considering Dexter framed Doakes (Erik King) for that, even Deb may not be able to protect him. turned to executive producer Sara Colleton to get the scoop on the seventh season, including Chuck star Yvonne Strahovski’s killer new role and saying goodbye to Dexter after Season 8.

Since the season is picking up right where we left off, just how many curse words will Deb use when the show returns?
Sara Colleton: [Laughs] It rocks her world so there are a few classic Deb-isms. If the series-long quest for Dexter was to finally have someone who really knows him — well, be careful what you wish for because Deb now knows everything and that’s a game-changer.

If last season was about finding faith for Dexter, what is this season about?
Colleton: It is about things he’s never experienced before, which are regret, responsibility, shame, betrayal, all of those things. Also, it’s the flip side of wanting to be known, and then once you are known, there’s a loss of freedom. It comes with heavy responsibility, so he’s dealing with a lot of emotions that he’s never had before, and never been allowed to feel before or allowed himself to feel before.

Deb only saw Dexter kill Travis on the table, but will she learn everything this season?
Colleton: Yeah. Obviously this whole season we’re going to have great fun playing with every permutation that can be played between Debra and Dexter in their relationship now that this information has come out. She was on her way to the church at the end of the last season because she had come to realize that she not only loved her foster brother Dexter but she is in love with him. So now what does she do? Does she turn him into the police? Is she repulsed by him? Can she continue to love him? Does she feel an odd relief that finally she understands some fundamental part of him that always felt elusive? Dexter was always elusive and Debra always thought it was because of her, and now she knows it wasn’t about her, it was about him really protecting her. But she is the head of the homicide division and so it has to really affect her sense of justice and the whole system. It’s a really challenging year for her to juggle. And Dexter, of course, his world is equally rocked. He’s never had to deal with these kinds of emotions — regret, guilt, a sense of having let Deb down and also, obviously, the gnawing suspicion that at any time, she could have him arrested.

Given what Deb learns about Dexter, how will that change her sudden revelation that she has feelings for him?
Colleton: It will be explored. It has to explored, because one doesn’t come to a realization like that and then completely change. But obviously what she learns is going to affect it, so all of the things that have been the bedrock of Deb’s life get moved around. That’s part of what we hope will be fascinating for our fans, is to watch and see how we play out all of those various interpretations.

Will we see a vulnerable side to Dexter this season?
Colleton: Oh, yes. It is like Superman’s cape has been taken off. He’s extremely vulnerable and that is very interesting to see and to explore.

What other obstacles will Dexter face because of Deb’s discovery?
Colleton: There are other complications that will come in because, at the crime scene, Dexter’s blood slide gets found by Lieutenant LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) because he loses it in the chaos that ensues and she immediately recognizes it’s his. The only other time that she had seen this blood slide was in the copy case of the Bay Harbor Butcher. Her dear friend Sergeant Doakes, everyone thought he was the Bay Harbor Butcher, and thought that when he died, the Bay Harbor Butcher died with him. Now, she begins to suspect, “Is the Bay Harbor Butcher still alive and how can I set about proving the innocence of my friend Sergeant Doakes?” That is something that’s a silent thing at the start, but it’s, again, going to be eventually working its way back to Dexter. It’s going to be very interesting to see if she can exonerate him.

Since the show has been renewed for two more seasons, is this definitely the end?
Colleton: This was definite. We wanted to end it this year, but the network convinced us that it would be best to do it in two years. In some ways, this is a two-season series-ender. We have worked that out and know where it’s going to end. Next year will definitely be the last year of Dexter. Absolutely.

Are you guys ready to say goodbye to Dexter?
Colleton: From the very beginning, when I first started developing the pilot, I always knew it would be a seven-year arc for this series. I feel easily that we can be an eight-year show, but I never want it to get old and stale. I want us to go out on a high and everybody on the show is determined to keep the level of it up to the very end. It’s always wise to know when it’s time to leave the stage before you’re asked to leave the stage.

Do you think Dexter has to die at the end?
Colleton: [Laughs] I would never answer that question.

Do you know what the final scene is?
Colleton: We don’t know what the final scene is, but we know where it’s going. We know now exactly how it’s going to end and how the series will end.

OMG OMG OMG … I can’t even STAND IT! We already know that the proverbial shizz is going to hit the fan right from the start of season 7 … but where it goes from there is anyone’s guess. As excited as I am to read this interview, I am NOT pleased with all the talk about how the show will end at the end of season 8. We haven’t even gotten to season 7 yet and they’re already talking about the end of the series? NO, not yet, please! Still, I am glad that the folks who make Dexter are always so free with the deets in their interviews. They manage to give us new info without spoiling the show too much. You can read the full text of this interview HERE. Are you dying like I am?


  • Rebecca

    I never would have watched this show if you hadn’t recommended it so enthusiastically on your blog and now I’m hooked. That cliffhanger last season was perfect. Can’t wait to see how it all unravels!

  • Lkk23

    I’m so freaking excited for this show to come back on!!! Like u I HATE that the next season is the last but I’m going to fully enjoy these last 24 episodes…it’s gonna be a wild ride and I’m so ready for it :)

  • Lauri

    I didn’t care for the last 2 seasons, which I’ll say a million times. But these spoilers make me really hopeful.

  • Gal Capone

    So excited about the upcoming season. Disliked this last season up until the last few minutes of the last episode. But a mediocre Dexter is better than most of what was on. Absolutely hated the Deb in love w Dex storyline. Hope they wrap that up & dispose of it quickly.

  • nicole

    i cant wait for this season to start! and as bitter sweet as it is, im glad were atleast getting a season 8!

    @Trent – i have to thank YOU for bringing Dexter into my life.

  • Rachael

    “… I am NOT pleased with all the talk about how the show will end at the end of season 8. We haven’t even gotten to season 7 yet and they’re already talking about the end of the series? NO, not yet, please!”

    Trent … I almost always agree with you but, REALLY?? This show has been completely STALE, stagnant and crappy for the past two seasons. 8 seasons is TOO long in my opinion, given the crap we’ve gotten for the past 2 years. I was almost about to cancel my season pass till I heard Yvonne Strahovski was gonna be on it, and even then I was almost annoyed that I’ll now be forced to watch it!! The only good news is that her character sounds like a badass. My only hope now is that Yvonne will save the show. :-P

  • Sarah

    Very excited – still don’t believe the writers when they say Deb is in love with Dexter though…

  • JeniLee

    I am still enjoying the show but have to disagree with you Trent. I am glad they know when it will end and will plan accordingly. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a show stays on longer than it should and I end up glad to see it go. I want the show to go out with a bang while everyone is still enjoying it. Unlike How I Met Your Mother which I would give up on by now if it wasnt just 30 minutes!

  • Sam

    I am so happy that they realize that keeping this show on past its prime is a mistake and will end it after season 8. That’s how shows stay classic past their original air dates, and Dexter will be one of those shows for sure. I just wonder how they’ll end it…I’m hoping that Dexter is the only one who will have control over his fate and I’d rather see him take his own life away (poetic justice) than be thrown in jail.

  • Janaegal

    We so excited, we we so excited! Last season was about as bad as season 3 but like someone else said, a mediocre season of dexter is still leaps and bounds better than most of what’s on TV!! They can’t all be season 1 or 4!