Watch: Justin Bieber Opens Up About His Paternity Test


Remember late last year when popstar Justin Bieber was accused of fathering a lovechild with an older woman and he agreed to take a paternity test to prove that he was not the father of the child? Yeah, well, all these months later, The Biebs is *still* talking about the incident in a new interview with Nightline on ABC. Because JB decided to record a song about the paternity test incident, the ABC reporter decided to bring up the topic — again. As you can see below, Justin seemed very happy to discuss the matter — again.

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LOL … this again? I know a lot has been made about the woman who made the claim that Justin Bieber fathered her child … most seem to believe that she was just trying to get a little fame and fortune out of the accusation. Honestly, she probably was … but if you think about it, it’s Justin Bieber who is benefitting most from the claim. The incident clearly made a huge impact on him … so much so that he recorded a song about it. It seems to me that his managers and handlers think it’s a brilliant idea to play up the incident in order to make JB look more “manly” or something like that. Much like Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean became an anthem for the King of Pop, I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the hope here is that the same will happen for Bieber. Personally, I felt the accusation was and still is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard in my life. That anyone took the claim serious is even more ridiculous. That Justin Bieber is still trying to milk the incident for all it’s worth is just … THE most ridiculous ridiculousness ever. LOL.


  • rOXy

    I understand him wanting to express his frustrations through his art, many artists do that. However, I also think him writing a song and then releasing it just gave his accuser what she wanted, which was his attention. She went from a non-person in his life to someone who made quite an impact, even if it was a negative one. Perhaps all of this hullabaloo is a warning to anyone else who might be thinking of doing the same thing. It’s idiocy for anyone to think they could get away with it in this age of DNA and paternity testing.

  • Abby

    Really?! I don’t think I’ve heard about this in months and months, but now….here we go….again…you wrote a song about it???
    On another not WHAT is the interviewer holding in his lap? A briefcase???

  • fmx

    Isn’t he supposed to be writing songs about Selena?

  • Lexifer

    Does no one else think he looks like a woman with short hair?

  • Krissy

    I agree with Roxy that he is only giving his accuser what she wanted all along, his attention. I think he is opening himself up to legal vulnerability by saying this song IS about her. He could be sued for slander, etc. depending on what is said in the song. I think dragging this out makes him look kind of pathetic. Get over it already, the rest of the world has.

  • nicole

    you know why this got brought up again? because other then him dating Salena, NOTHING has happened with him. theres not a whole lot talk about. this whole baby thing has probably been the most exciting part of his career

  • JCZ

    What is ridiculous is that this guy is a supposed journalist. Worst interviewer ever. I personally don’t like American-style interviews and reports – when I watch a show like 60 Minutes in Australia and they use an American story (say a big celebrity) I literally have to tune out cause everything I find is so poorly done.

    I almost LOL’d when he mentioned Billy Jean – I haven’t heard the song but know nothing on his album is close to anything MJ has recorded.

  • Carter

    wait how is she doing a paternity test? i thought girls were the one that got preggers