Solange And Beyonce (Plus Helicopter) Make A Great Twit Pic


Solange may be Beyonce’s cute baby sister, but only if you don’t follow Solange on her twitter and tumblr. This girl is a hella stylish (yes, to the point of being bizarre sometimes), artsy, risk-taking talent in her own right. Yet and still… there’s no escaping the fun fact that she’s Beyonce’s little sister. When Solange tweeted a couple of adorable pics of the two of them (and, ya know, their helicopter) I knew I had to share. Sisterly lurve goin down inside.

Solange just celebrated her 26th birthday in London, which is where all of the Roc family seems to be partying together (Beyonce, Kanye West and, now, Kim Kardashian) due to Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne tour.

How cute are these two? It’s annoying. I love it. They look JUST like my older sister and me when we take pics in front of our helicopter, lol :)

Here are a few more pics from Solange’s  tumblr. She’s got a ton of fun stuff on there, checkie out!


Sidenote: Remember this song? Love Solange!

  • Dot

    This song is nice but somehow I don’t buy her as a singer and I don’t know why. Anyways they both look cute together, true sister love

    • JCZ

      I don’t like Solange for the fact that she went on some media spritz about not wanting to be known as Beyonce’s sister. She would go all cold and obnoxious if Beyonce was brought up in an interview.

      For me, she is spoilt, like her sister. But I really dislike Solange more cause she can’t accept that she is Beyonce’s sister and what little career she does have, is thanks to Beyonce – and I find her more try hard, since her musical career didn’t take off, she started acting like she is Willow Smith instead.

  • Dezden

    I love these pics!