Listen: Coldplay & Rihanna Go Acoustic On ‘Princess Of China’


At the beginning of the month we got to see Rihanna and Chris Martin of Coldplay do some funky samurai/Crouching Tiger-esque (somewhat culturally problematic) stuff in the video for Princess Of China. A lot of you gave the song a “meh,” but they’ve just released an acoustic version that has a slightly different sound. Maybe you likey this one better? Take a listen inside :)

Coldplay feat. Rihanna: Princess Of China


I’m a sucker for acoustic but this could have been a wee bit more acoustic-y, no? Still, I like the track and although the song isn’t what I would call a heavy-hitter, I always thought it had a sweet feel to it, and I like this version too. Apparently, they’ll be releasing acousticPrincess Of China as a part of the song’s digital EP release.

Anybody else diggin it? And more importantly, is anybody else still trying to figure out exactly what a gangsta goth geisha is?

Sidenote: Kelly Clarkson covered the song a little while back. Many have argued that her version is better than the original. What do you guy think?


Kelly Clarkson: Princess Of China (cover)

  • Becca

    I still totally think it should have been released on Viva La Vida :P

  • Kori

    Kelly Clarkson’s version is WAY better, simply because her’s is actually acustic vs. Rihanna’s which is enhanced digitaly with Coldplay acusticly playing the guidtar.. Rhianna doesn’t seem to be able to sing with out help, unlike Kelly who can sing with nothing, just her voice and that’s it.

    • Kori

      I meant to say guitar…..