Lana Del Rey And A$AP Rocky Will Appear As Jackie Kennedy And JFK In Her ‘National Anthem’ Video


em>National Anthem will be the next single from Lana Del Rey’s album Born To Die and methinks the video will be kinda cray! The artist (who Trent recently saw perform live) just tweeted a couple of sneak peek pics of her Jackie O look. Pics and deets and me gushing over A$AP Rocky to an obscene amount inside.

< Here are the teaser photos that Lana tweeted:

Based on the pics, who’s pumped to see this vid? She’s got more of a swanky Marilyn Monroe thing going on in the second one, so I suspect the whole video will have that Sixties, period-piece feel to it. I expect mainly good things :) I haven’t joined the Lana Del Rey die-hard fan-club just yet, but I really do appreciate her sound, and I’m still not over how amazing she looked at the Met Ball. Her style is really something else.

In other Lana news, ya’ll have probably heard the rumor that she may be the new face of H&M.

Oh, here’s National Anthem, in case you haven’t heard it.


Now A$AP Rocky (Harlem rapper, demigod of all things swag and anti-swag, Shannon’s fantasy rap boyfriend, etc., etc.) will appear as JFK in the video, but he doesn’t appear on the track. However, he and Lana Del Rey do have a song together, Ridin, which will be appear on his album LongLiveA$AP, due out next month (!!!).

In an interview with 16Bars TV A$AP said, “I play JFK, she plays Jackie O. Some cool, trippy shit, some real 2015 shit. People are going to get it in three years, and that’s the whole purpose of it.”

Ahhh. Well said, A$AP. Well said.

But who is A$AP Rocky? [some of] you ask. This is A$AP Rocky:


  • Mark

    LOVE every bit of this. This girl is so cool and I really don’t understand the hate. She’s really an acquired taste, and you won’t love her the first time you hear her so keep trying Shannon lol. I just love that her whole persona is “Young, rich and beautiful” and she’s not shy about making it known. She represents Americana to me so I can’t wait for this video.

  • Mark

    Oh BTW, that video you posted is not the National Anthem that appears on the album. Is the video going to feature this remix? The one on the album is slow.

    • Thanks Mark — we’ve updated it, as the actual video dropped today. Enjoy! And yes, she’s definitely growing on me in major ways!

    • JCZ

      I really dig her – visually and also her music.
      I like the simplicity in her singing – she has an amazing voice and doesn’t need vocal acrobatics to emote the lyrics and the emotion in them.

      Whilst some or most of the album sounds the same, I like that. It fits the theme and she runs with that in her live performances it seems.

      Could you possibly link me to the original link you had – any remixes are welcome in my books :)

    • JCZ this is the link to the other version: