Jennifer Lawrence Comes To The Aid Of An Injured Young Girl


Jennifer Lawrence isn’t just an Academy Award-nominated actress, she is also a bona fide hero. Yesterday afternoon, a young woman passed out in front of J. Law’s home here in SoCal and Jennifer sprung into action! While emergency paramedics were called, Jen tended to the girl passed out on her front lawn. It was an odd occurrence but one that could’ve been tragic had Jennifer not been there to save the day!

Frightening moment for “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence yesterday — when an underage girl collapsed on the front lawn of her L.A. apartment complex. The Santa Monica Police Department tells TMZ … Lawrence was out walking her dog … when she noticed a random girl laid out on her back. As Jennifer rushed to assist the young woman, someone in the area called 911 … and paramedics raced to the scene. Cops tell us … “The young lady who collapsed was a juvenile and was part of a group that was together.” It’s unclear why the young woman was in front of Jennifer’s home … but cops say, “Alcohol may have played a role in the incident.” We’re told paramedics didn’t feel the girl needed to be transported to a hospital — instead, she was treated on the scene and cleared to leave. So far, no word back from Lawrence’s camp.

It’s unknown if Jennifer sang a sweet song to this girl like she did for Rue in The Hunger Games but I’m certain her comforting presence was helpful whether she sang or not. I know if I end up passing out on someone’s lawn, I hope it turns out to be Jennifer Lawrence’s lawn. It looks comfy cozy, don’t it?

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

  • Jackie

    Before I read the article, by just looking at the pics, I had a flashback to Rue. Hahaha! Hope the girl is OK. :)

  • rOXy

    If I pass out on anyone’s lawn, I hope it’s Joe Manganiello’s.

    • Tracy

      AAAAAARRRRRGGG! Roxy I love your comment…that is just too funny. For me it is Jason Momoa, but I”ll take Joe and Chris Helmsworth too.

  • Jacquie

    She has a lot of bandaids on her upper arms…injections?

  • ClaireMichelle

    God, I just love her!

  • Bounds

    Gee, stupid kids in LA drunk off their arse or over indulging at the local dispensary…no? That is so hard to believe? I live next to four of these d-bag magnets and it’s every wannabe cholo thug and cliche club twink in LA loitering about being loud and stupid while celebrating the fact that they can buy their lame medicinal M. Sad sad sad…fail in every way. But, I love me some JenLaw!!! She’s the real deal, kids.