Amazing Street Gallery Art Comes To Instagram


here are plenty of good reasons to be semi-addicted to InstagramSelena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and Swizz Beatz are a few celebs with very popular accounts, and rightfully so. Here’s one more reason to make goo-goo eyes at what is, arguably, Apple’s coolest app ever: @Instagrafite (sounds like “insta-grafitti”). This gallery of all things street art just had me lost in a seemingly infinite vortex of beautiful, outrageous images on concrete. Get lost with me inside.



This isn’t the first time Brazil changed my life (see City Of God). @Instagrafite is a non-profit project that was created and conceived in Brazil, but it works through follower-participation. Protein (an equally addictive site) gave them some love a while back, and explained how the project works as a global effort to share street art:

The non-profit project aims to be a virtual gallery of street art that anyone around the world can access through social media platforms, and aims to post at least four new pictures every day. It works through user-generated content: followers are invited to put the hashtag #instagrafite when they post photos of graffiti they’ve found in their city. The best photo of the day is then posted on the project’s profile. As a result, followers can see the latest work by artists such as Os Gêmeos, Speto, Zezão, Nina Pandolfo, Space Invader, Shepard Fairey and Banksy.


Here are some of my favorite images from the @Instagrafite page (all of which also get shared through the project’s twitter account):

Work by Dan Kitchener

THE. COOLEST. Work by Pen 1

Work by Kobra

Work by Banksy

Work by Ben Slow

Photo by bird now.

Work by Archannair

  • blaqfury

    those are really beautiful… I’ma have to check this out.. I’m intrigued…

    • blaqfury, thanks for commenting. Glad you enjoyed!

  • rOXy

    Street art makes the world a more beautiful place. I especially love the random touches of creativeness where they aren’t expected. Like in some lonesome, broke-down part of town where no one goes anymore. On the cracked wall of a closed shop on a rural mainstreet that has been abandoned for the malls. On a fence post out in the middle of nowhere. On a dumpster in some dirty alley. A message of hope arising from a clump of weeds and litter. This is a great app. Thank you for sharing.

  • rOXy YES. I think it’s the randomness of it all that makes it so awesome. And because it’s free, it’s a way of saying ‘everybody deserves beautiful things.’ Or something like that :) So glad you liked!

  • Ian

    I’m sorry for cussing but I love the f#$k out of your posts Shannon. You always brighten my day with the random awesomeness you post. Greetings from Madrid

    • Shannon

      Ian, I’m just seeing this comment! Thank you so much; I’ll take the cussing as a good thing, lol :)

      Madrid?! Closest I got to Spain was the Canary Islands back when I was about 10– it was my absolute favorite trip EVER.

      Thanks again for the comment Ian! Much love!