50 Injured In A Car Accident


Curtis James Jackson, III, better known as 50 Cent, was injured in a car accident early this morning as reported by his official website. According to his site, 50’s car collided with a Mack truck that lost is load and caused the accident. In addition to details about the accident, 50’s official website also features exclusive photos from the accident scene. Click below to see a couple of photos and read some reported deets about what happened when 50 Cent’s car collided with this Mack truck.

The rapper 50 Cent was hospitalized briefly Tuesday morning after a truck hit his car from behind on the Long Island Expressway, according to his Web site, ThisIs50. His publicist said that the 36-year-old rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, had been treated for minor injuries to his neck and back at New York Hospital Queens and then released. According to Mr. Jackson’s Web site, the accident occurred when the driver of a Mack truck lost control after the load he was carrying shifted, causing the truck to hit the rear of the SUV with Mr. Jackson and his driver.

Yikes! The fact that 50 Cent’s website is not reporting any serious injuries is hopeful that he will be alright. I absolutely hate driving behind big trucks carrying big loads for this very reason. I’m going to assume that he will be alright but, yeah, these photos are kinda scary. Let’s keep a good thought for Fitty and his well-being.

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  • Janaegal

    Wow, read this headline with something very different in my mind. Glad he’s safe and I’m glad 49 other people weren’t injured! :)

    • Syslak

      Haha, that’s what I thought too. “Wow, that’s a terrible car accident!!” Still terrible, but for less people.

  • I did that too janaegal. Lolz.
    Hope he feels better.

  • Miguel

    Isn’t his new album dropping this upcoming week?…lol. I hope he’s okay. It just seems like very weird timing.