No Doubt Shares Photos From The Set Of Their New Music Video ‘Settle Down’


A couple of weeks ago we learned from No Doubt themselves that the title of their new album is Push and Shove and their first single is Settle Down. Today, we learn from the band that filming of the music video for Settle Down has been completed. No Doubt have updated the blog on their official website in include photos and a full report from the video set. Click below to check out some photos and read what Gwen and the boys have to say about their first new video in years.

Last week, Gwen, Tony, Tom and Adrian spent two days and nights filming the “Settle Down” music video at Downey Studios just outside of Los Angeles, California. The video was directed by Sophie Muller who has collaborated with the band previously on several of their music videos including “Don’t Speak,” “Underneath It All,” “Sunday Morning” and “Simple Kind of Life.” The shooting began in the early afternoon on Tuesday, June 12 and consisted primarily of single shots of Tony, Adrian, Tom, and Gwen inside a gigantic sound stage. Around 1:00 AM the production moved outside to get individual performance footage of the band members. After Tom finished all of his performance shots, production wrapped for the day around 4:30 AM. Less than ten hours later everyone was back at Downey Studios ready for another full day of filming. Gwen finished all of her individual shots around 8:00 PM and production wrapped inside the sound stage immediately afterward. The crew packed everything up and headed outside to the back lot where No Doubt took the stage together for the first time over the two-day period to perform “Settle Down” live in front of the cameras. Expect the “Settle Down” video to hit your screens next month preceded by brand new webisodes and a ton of behind the scenes content from the video shoot. No Doubt’s new album, Push and Shove, will be released on September 25, 2012.

Head over to the No Doubt website HERE to see a few more behind the scenes photos from the set. I am really looking forward to this new video, I must say. The fact that the band has reteamed with Sophie Muller for this video is very exciting. She is responsible for some of the bands most famous, most iconic music videos. I’m also very much looking forward to the release of new webisodes from the band. We’ve yet to hear any significant new music (except for the small tease we got from the band’s first webisode last month) so … lots of good stuff is on the way from No Doubt. The band looks great in these videos. I am dying to see more.


  • I am still in disbelief over this– so glad that it’s happening! And they look like their old selves too. Nice.