Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Into Character On The Set Of ‘Enemy’


Last month we got our first look at a scruffy-looking Jake Gyllenhaal on the set of his new film, Enemy. Today we get to see new photos of Jakey poo on set getting some acting direction from director Denis Villeneuve. As you may recall, we learned that Enemy is based on the Jose Saramago novel The Double which tells the tale of a troubled History teacher in search of his doppelgänger. Honestly, the film sounds disturbing and dark … not at all the type of film we normally get from Jake. Click below to see some new photos from the set.

As you may recall, we also learned last month that Jake will be playing both the troubled History teacher lead and the doppelgänger character as well. It would appear that Jake has got a lot of work ahead of him on this film:

I’m actually looking forward to the release of this new film. It’s been AGES since I’ve seen Jake in an exciting and riveting film. I only kinda liked his film Source Code and not since Brokeback Mountain has he really shown us just how fantastic an actor he truly is (I shant say a truly disparaging word about The Prince of Persia mainly because of all that naked flesh we got to see thruout that horrible movie). This film has the potential to be really superb … but we’ll have to see. In all honesty, I’ll love Jake in any film. I’d just really love to love him in a really good film for once ;)

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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