A ‘Brave’ New World


Yesterday was a much more productive day than my Saturday was. While Saturday was a day for lazing about, Sunday was a day for getting out and enjoying the beautiful SoCal Summer weather. After I did a bit of work in the AM, David and I made our way to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art so that we could see the new Levitated Mass art exhibit that went on display yesterday. After our visit to the museum, we went to the movies to see Brave. Last night, we ventured out for a nice evening stroll together. All in all, it was one of those perfectly perfect Sundays.

Firstly, I have to give a shout-out to my good friends on Turntable because yesterday was the first anniversary of the I <3 The 80's room. As you may recall, I was a bit obsessed with turntable.fm last Summer and I managed to make a lot of friends there. I did a bit of DJing yesterday morning to celebrate the room’s first birthday. It was really fun getting to “hang out” with a bunch of my good, old friends.

Our visit to the LACMA was an impromptu one. I only learned that the Levitated Mass exhibit was open to public yesterday on Twitter. I thought our beautifully sunny Sunday afternoon would be the perfect chance to see the exhibit up close:

Yes, folks, this exhibit is a rock. But it’s a big rock … and you can walk under it. I love the exhibit. It’s an interesting piece and I’m sure it’ll be a main attraction for many years to come. You wanna see a big rock? Head over to the LACMA.

After the museum, David and I went to the movies to see Brave (review forthcoming). Last night we went for a walk:

I’m not sure why we were so active yesterday but it was nice. David and I don’t get to spend as much alone time as we are used to because of his bizzy work schedule … so days like yesterday are worth cherishing.

No plans for today. I need to run a few miles to loosen up my legs, keep ‘em fresh. Other than that, I think I’ll play it by ear. Happy Monday! Happy New Week!!

  • Tiners

    Awww…You two are the cutest!!! :)

  • Kales

    You should check out the Who Shot Rock and Roll exhibit at the Annenberg in Century City. It’s free and it is a very cool exhibit filled with photos from the beginnings of rock and roll til now.