Watch: Alex Pettyfer Strips For The First Time In ‘Magic Mike’


We are just about one WEEK away from the theatrical release of the much-anticipated, future Academy Award-winning male stripper film Magic Mike and to celebrate, we get to check out a clip from the film TODAY! As you can see below, Alex Pettyfer (who plays The Kid in the film) tries his hand at stripping for the first time in the scene featured below. Wanna see how he does? Wanna see how much he takes off? You gotta check out the video clip below to find out.

LOL. OK, so he doesn’t do very well … and in this clip, he doesn’t take off too much … but I suspect we will get to see a LOT more when the film opens next Friday. It’s all about the tease and this video clip is one heck of a tease. I want to see more, don’t you?


  • nicole

    well we know he gets better, and that we atleast get to see him bum (thank you red band trailer for that!)

  • rOXy

    This movie looks so good. So far, I’m loving the way Matthew M plays his role. This will be a great movie to go to with a bunch of friends.

  • Candy Barr

    I cannot wait for this movie to come out. I have been talking about it for months. I think I will go first thing in the morning, and sit in the theater all day. If it is really good, I’ll have the option of watching it as many times as I want. =)

  • Erika

    Saw an early screening it is funny , cheesy , corny and there is a whole lot of yumminesss and some mighty fine bums

  • Chris

    It was like watching Coco and the photographer in Fame.

    That’s better.
    That’s lovely.
    Oh, yeah.
    Yeah. Could you arch your back?
    Arch your back a little, Coco.
    Smile for me, Coco.
    Come on, Coco. Smile, smile.
    Smile for me.
    Now take your thumb
    and put it in your mouth
    Iike a little schoolgirl.

  • bill

    what is the name of the song anyone please

  • angela

    the song is a cover of madonna’s like a virgin. i have searched and searched the internet and i can not find it. i have no idea who sings this cover, but i want the song. oh, and it is not on the soundtrack either.