The N.W.A. Biopic Is Finally In The Works… And They’re Casting!


irector F. Gary Gray is responsible for a slew of great films, including Law Abiding Citizen, Set It Off, and 1995’s classic, Friday. He’s now working on the long-awaited N.W.A. biopic, titled Straight Outta Compton, and a few days ago he tweeted the official casting call. I didn’t even know how much I wanted an N.W.A. biopic to happen, until this news hit and now I’m pretty pumped. Regardless of your thoughts on the controversial former group, they made a huge impact on rap and the entire entertainment industry. Their historical influence deserves documentation and I can’t wait to see what Gray pulls together. See the official casting call announcement and deets inside.


Official Casting Announcement for Straight Outta Compton


So the good news is that they are clearly planning to use unknown faces for the biopic, and I think that’s a good move. I’m still not over seeing Anthony Mackie as Tupac in the Biggie biopicĀ Notorious. It was just weird.

Now I was just on the director’s twitter and he’s already getting a ton of submissions. People are mainly saying things like, here look at my pic, I look just like Ice Cube! To which Grant always replies, “Can you act?” Lol. Good question. And it clearly shows that his priority is to work with actual talent, not really impressive look-alikes.

Ok, which role are ya’ll planning to audition for: Ice Cube, Eazy E, Dr. Dre, Yella, or MC Ren?

Trent, I’ll send in an audition tape if you do, lol!


N.W.A.: Express Yourself


  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    What N.W.A means?.NO WHITE APPLY.Aweful.

    • Oscar in Miami Beach, I don’t think that’s what it stands for. If you’re interested in being in the film, maybe send in a tape and they’ll find a different role for you. You never know! Thanks for commenting.

  • Bounds

    No White Apply? That is some stupid shizz, dude. You think they can cast a black guy for the N’Sync biopic? Of course it’s casting African Americans for African American roles. In a world that celebrates and glorifies black gangsta culture, it will probably do well at the box office and bootleg DVD sales. I’m not a huge fan of it, mainly coz I live close to south central and it sucks. Thuggy azz kids acting like fools, ready to shoot or basically hurt anyone in their way. The life of fools is a short one, but at least they are casting to celebrate it.

    • Bounds, thanks for commenting. You make a strong point. Just curious– do you think the film should not be made?

  • apriljan

    Please look up the right acronym of N.W.A. I swear, ignorance is still abundant regardless of the steps we take to become a better society.

    Anyway, I am actually looking forward to this biopic! I can’t wait to find out about the cast!

    • apriljan, thanks for commenting. I’m also really interested in seeing how this one will turn out. They’ve got a good director for it; I think that’s a great start.

  • Callmemaybeornever

    This seems out of place here on PITKB.