Iggy Azalea Releases New Track With B.o.B, Titled ‘Million Dollar Misfits’


Iggy Azalea (not to be confused with a different Azealia we know) is an Australian emcee signed to T.I.‘s Grand Hustle label. She’s a total trip! And I haven’t decided how I feel about her yet. But I do know that I’m feelin a new song she just released with label-mate B.o.B. Million Dollar Misfits is off of Iggy’s debut album Glory, which is expected by the end of the year. Listening sesh going down inside!

Iggy Azalea feat. B.o.B: Million Dollar Misfits

Any Iggy fans in the house? Her new sound is a little more like traditional hip-hop than what she did on her first mixtape Ignorant Art. I haven’t listened to all of her work, but I remember watching the Pu$$y video and being both interested and concerned. Mainly for the kids in the video, lol.

I’d love to hear what you guys are thinking about Iggy. Check out her video and listen to an interview she did with Power 105. *None of which are especially SFW*

Iggy Azalea: PU$$Y

Iggy Azalea speaks to Power 105 about new music, her relationship with A$AP Rocky (I’m totally not jealous), and ‘rival’ femcee Azealia Banks.

  • Amarie

    Wow she’s pretty in that picture! I didn’t expect that voice out of her lol. She raps like T.I. I think in the Misfits song. I like her.

  • DJ

    been in love with her for awhile. she is great.

    • DJ, glad to hear from a fan of hers. She’s def starting to grow on me!

  • Amarie, I hear you. I was kind of in shock when I first listened to her. But she’s got a good flow and I like this song for a single. Thanks for commenting!

  • Mhat85

    Is it just me or does she look strikingly like a young Christina Aguilera??!

    • Mhat85, yes in that pic, I totally see it!

  • Seiko

    I been rockin with iggy since day one. I like her flow, shes stylish and shes not actively trying to step on anybody’s toes (unlike Azaelia Banks). Shes going to make an impact on female hip hop

    • fmx

      Impact? I hope so. She seems passionate enough about it and that comes across, I just hope she brings more new style instead of bordering on cliches.

  • Patch

    love love love IGGY!!! and i’m diggin this new track!! Can’t wait for her to take over the world!

  • She’s very talented. I like her.