Yesterday’s plan to get out of the house didn’t really turn out the way I had, well, planned. I decided to get REAL lazy after my morning run in the AM and just chilled for the rest of the day. David was bizzy with work so he was away for most of the day and I was left to my own devices (ie. couch and TV). We did get out of the house for dinner but, that was the only bit of activity for our Saturday.

David and I went to El Compadre for THE best Mexican food ever and … that was it. David crashed out early after his long day and … the end.

Today we are REALLY getting out of the house to see Brave. Lazy Weekend, currently underway. Happy Sunday!!

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  • Natasha

    Love El Compadre! Delicious.

  • rOXy

    OMG I love that restaurant! Good old fashioned mexi. I think I have to go work out now. Just the thought of it has calories. mmmmmmmmm