Liz Phair Wants To Make A ‘Dirty’ Album With Ryan Adams


Liz Phair, one of my fave musicians of all time, is ready to make a new album. As you may recall, we learned yesterday that Rolling Stone magazine listed Phair’s debut album Exile In Guyville as one of their Top 50 Albums from Women Who Rock but today we learn that she is ready to get back in the studio to make new music … and this time, she wants a little help from another one of my fave musicians of all time — Ryan Adams. Clearly, I’ve been a very good boy because a collaboration between Liz Phair and Ryan Adams is something that would MAKE MY LIFE!

Liz Phair recently joined forces with Slumdog Millionaire film score composer A.R. Rahman for a song on the just-released soundtrack to the upcoming Chris Pine-Elizabeth Banks drama People Like Us. The fruits of their collaboration, the string-draped acoustic ballad “Dotted Lines,” can be heard [here].

But Phair already has her mind on her next album, the follow-up to 2010’s self-released — and, according to Phair, widely misunderstood — Funstyle, with ideas that involve pairing the Exile in Guyville singer with the former frontman of Whiskeytown. “I want to make a kickass record,” Phair told Stereogum, when asked what she wants to happen next. “And if I have my way I’ll have Ryan Adams produce it and we’ll do some down and dirty shit with great songwriting, and it won’t be Guyville, but it will be authentic. And I’ll tour it. I’ll tour the shit out of that shit.”

Oh. My. God. My brain, literally, is having a hard time processing this information. I completely agree, a Liz Phair album produced by Ryan Adams and then taken on tour will absolutely rock the world. I cannot let myself get too excited by this … yet. Ryan Adams posted a message on Twitter that seems to suggest that he is up for working with Liz:

It Totally sounds like Ryan is up for a collaboration with Liz. I’m gonna keep my eye on these two, hopefully something more official will happen soon. For now, I’ll just cross my fingers and hope for the best. I cannot even TELL you how exciting an idea this is to me :)


  • jenn

    i love liz phair! she is in my top three for sure.

    do you remember the song ‘dont have time’ from the higher learning soundtrack. love.