Halle Berry And Not-So-Baby Nahla Hit The Beach In Malibu


Fun fact: Halle and I were pregnancy buddies. Well, you know what I mean. We were prego at the same time, so we were pregnancy buddies (in my fantasy world). Anyway, I’ve always had a special place in my celeb-loving heart for little Nahla who is getting ginormous! And cuter than anyone should ever be at age four. She spent a little time with her Mommy in Malibu yesterday. Peep the cutest pics ever inside.

WHAAAT am I looking at?! Too much.


Nahla’s polka-dot leggings? I can’t.


How cute are they? I know. Very cute.


Halle was recently ordered to pay $20,000 a month in child support to Nahla’s father, Gabriel Aubry. But it doesn’t look like she’s feeling too bummed about that– not that there’s much to be bummed about. I’m sure it’s not breaking her bank, and she’s about to jump the broom with Olivier Martinez AKA the guy from Unfaithful. And then she gets to hit the beach with not-so-baby Nahla? How awesome is all of that?

Also, I’m gonna need that cream-button down dress Halle’s wearing (and the funds with which to purchase it) stat. She drives me nuts with this never-ending I’m-not-even-trying-I-just-dress-like-this-and-I-have-a-curly-fro-and-I’m-still-beautiful-in-that-disturbingly-classic-way thing she has going on.

Luvya Hal.


  • blaqfury

    Nahla is way too adorable. I have to give props to Halle, she is definitely one of the most hands on moms in Hollywood. It’s quite refreshing…

  • Tracy

    Halle does seem to be a good mothe. She is always taking her daughter to the beach. But…man…Nahla looks just like her father… what a beauty!

  • Debho

    She looks like Macy Gray with that ‘do. lol I’m not a fan of Halle’s at all, but I do lurve that dress.

  • I am losing respect for her a little during her custody proceedings with Gabriel. I don’t so much like him but I don’t like the way she’s handling it. I think Olivier is just an excuse to make it easier for her to take Nahla away. I’ve seen/heard no bad parenting out of either or them but a decent mother would want more than anything for her child to have a stable relationship with their father. That’s just my perception on the issue. Then again we the public never really know.

  • apriljan

    OMG. This is too cute!! I can’t even..